Yoga Poses To Lose Belly Fat – 6 Ways To Get Back In Shape !

yoga poses to lose belly fat

Try this yoga pose to lose fat from your lower belly | 

The environment that we are in today’s world where we have quite less of physical work thus most of us even before we realize anything we see that our clothes get tight and there is the belly that you always wanted to avoid. So if you are looking to lose weight, Yoga and Meditation are one of the most efficient and effective ways to attain them. All you need to do is relax and stop worrying about your body fat, cause yoga has a lot of poses or asana (Yoga poses to lose belly fat).

Say goodbye to belly fat by practicing these 6 yoga poses | Top 6 Yoga poses to lose belly fat :

Chakrasana – the wheel pose
Vakrasana – the twisted pose,
Yashtikasana – the stick pose,
Supta Vajrasana

Yoga Tip:

You just need to make sure that while you practice this yoga asana you should not press stomach hard as it may lead to complications and health conditions that are not advisable.

So here a few more Yoga poses to lose belly fat especially around the lower belly: Practice these yoga poses to lose belly fat and make a huge difference.      

Boat Pose To Increase Your Core Strength:
Boat Pose is one of the classic yoga postures that help in developing abdominal strength which helps you burn belly fat in order to keep you away from having a belly.

  • To perform this simple pose you need to sit on your mat with your knees bent and feet pressing into the floor.
  • Spread your arms forward while palm facing the ceiling with your elbow slightly bent.
  • Maintain a straight spine, staying strong through your abdominal muscles, as you slowly extend your legs to a 45-degree angle with the floor.

Building a Bridge To Burn Lower Belly Fat:

This pose is practiced to work mainly on your midsection of your belly by forming a bridge posture, this is an intense workout pose with the abdominal muscle working out. Your abdominal muscles are engaged while it’s elevated as it works against the pull of gravity.   

Camel Pose:

The most effective yoga asanas for burning your lower belly fat,  by practicing this yoga posture the lower abdominal muscles works hard to support a gentle back bend.  

  • Kneel on the mat with your shins and extend right back, while placing your hands on your hips and
  • lifting slightly through your sternum and gently pressing your hips forward.
  • Engage powerfully through your belly, beginning to sink your back slightly toward your feet.

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