Yoga for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Menstrual Pain

Yoga for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Menstrual Pain

Yoga for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Menstrual Pain

If you are too familiar with bloating, an angry outburst, sore breasts and crying jags once in a month. Nowadays most of the women are suffering from PMS. Some breathing techniques and meditations helps you to keep your mind relax from PMS and gentle yoga postures to reduce the specific aches. There are some simple ways to relieve the psychological swings and physical changes.

Yoga and meditation are the relaxing techniques that are very easy to integrate your day. The yoga routine would take extra minutes in a day to allow your mind and body to relax and relieve from pressure. Including yoga and meditation as your daily routine you can get relief from the back pain and muscle cramps. Breathing exercises and meditation also helps women calm down and hold their emotions.   

What Is PMS?

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is a hormonal issue that effects for the women who are menstruating. It happens 2 weeks before the menstrual cycle begins. This pain may vary from one woman to other.

Symptoms Of PMS:

The symptoms include Depression, Cramps, Water retention, Skin eruptions, Headaches, Bloated abdomen, Backaches, Tenderness of the breast, Joint pain, insomnia and Changes in personality like violence, anger, and suicidal tendency.

Save Your Menstrual Cycles With Yoga | Yoga for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Menstrual Pain

By performing some of the gentle yoga postures, meditation and yoga techniques you can simply save your menstrual cycles. Regular yoga practice helps you to prevent PMS symptoms in 3 ways.

  • It releases endorphins.
  • It increases the flow of oxygenated blood to reproductive organs and calms the central nervous system.
  • It encourages deep relaxation & eases stress and mutes the symptoms of PMS.

Yoga Poses:

Here we described some of the yoga postures which give relief from the menstrual pain:

  • Cat pose: This pose relaxes and tones the abdomen and spine.
  • Child pose: This pose helps in soothes the back and calming the nervous system.
  • Cobra poses: This pose relaxes the back and increases the blood circulation.
  • Bow pose: This pose removes fatigue and ideal for the menstrual discomfort
  • Fish pose: This pose stretches the neck and chest in order to release tension.
  • Corpse pose: This pose helps you in releasing the stress by repairing the tissues and cells.
  • Alternate nostril breathing: It releases the stress from the body and mind and keeps you relax. It helps to harmonize the left & right hemispheres of mind which correlate to the emotional sides of your personality.

No rigorous exercise or postures ought to be performed at the time of periods as it obstructs the menstrual flow. It is best to practice gentle yoga postures (Yoga for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Menstrual Pain) that relax the discomfort. It is best to learn yoga postures and techniques from a yoga expert. Here we provide yoga postures and techniques, you can learn the yoga asanas and techniques to help to from the monthly cycles. Try something easy and natural— Today!

Yoga for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome & Menstrual Pain


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