Yoga Exercises for Eye Problems !

yoga exercises for eye problems

Yoga Exercises For Eye Problems :

There are many of the yoga asanas or poses or exercises that are aimed to improve the functionality of the organs in the body. The yoga exercises can relax the eyes and keep the eye muscles sharp. The people who are suffering with eye strain and with the tired eyes, workout with eyes are very helpful for them to relax from the issues like long sightedness or Hypermetropia, Short sightedness or Myopia or any other eye related disorders. The eye exercises permits the people to maintain optimal eye health like excessive near-point stress, avoiding eye strain and keeps the eyes moist.

Yoga exercises for eyes

Eye on Yoga: ( Yoga Exercises For Eye Problems)

Yoga assumes a huge part in endorsing eye wellbeing. A yoga routine loaded with meditation, asanas and pranayama helps in accomplishing peace and quietness. Yogic eye exercises reinforce the eyes’ muscles and in this manner helps in curing numerous sicknesses of the eyes. With yoga, individuals start treating their eyes with concern, which is reflected in great eye health. Certain eye activities are known not amend eye issues. In this way, eye workouts are critical to anyone and ought to be consolidated into the normal yoga schedule.

Eye care for children:

If any of the individuals found that their child’s vision is deteriorating then the eye exercises are very helpful for them. The children can perform the eye exercises by playing visual games and focusing activities can help them in controlling the movement of their eyes and also improving their visual sharpness.

Yoga For Eyes To Improve Vision Naturally:

Now people can improve their eyesight naturally by yoga exercises for the eyes. The below mentioned exercises are also helpful for the tired eyes to relax from the tiredness. Some of the yoga exercises are:


  • First relax yourself by sitting quietly and by taking deep breaths.
  • After that rub your hands until they become warm and then gently place them over the closed eyes.
  • The eyes can feel the warmness of the palms and it can be transferred onto the eyes then the eye muscles feel relaxed.
  • Keep the arms some time on the eyes until the heat from the palms observed completely by the eyes.
  • Repeat this exercise at least 3 times.


  • Sit quietly with the opened eyes and then blink them around 10 times quickly and then close them and relax for 20 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise at least 5 times.

Eye Rolling:

  • Sit quietly and relax for some time by taking the deep breaths.
  • Without moving the head, direct the eyes up towards the ceiling.
  • Slowly circle the eyes in a clockwise direction, then the eyes feel fluid and smooth.
  • Perform the same in the anti-clockwise direction
  • Repeat this exercise at least 3 times.


  • Sit straight and look all the way upwards
  • Then look all the way downwards, count 2 seconds
  • Look extreme left, count 2 seconds.
  • Look extreme right, count 2 seconds.
  • Then move the eyes to the 4 diagonal corners, that begins with top-left, bottom-right, top-right and finally bottom-left.
  • Repeat the process for around one minute

Follow these simple Yoga techniques to eliminate various disorders which are related to the defects in eye muscles such as hypermetropia and myopia. Practicing of these exercises for few months will help you in facilitating the normal eye functioning.

yoga exercises for eye problems


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