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yoga asanas for weight loss

Yoga Practice – The Perfect Health Solution

Yoga is widely known as a form of art that helps people relieve their stress, concentrate better and even brings peace of mind. That’s not it from being a mental exercise through which you understand your mind better it also works like a great physical exercise as it consists of various yoga postures and yoga asanas that are quite demanding. It is a really effective way to burn those fat layers that most of us gain now. With a wide range of population are office goers and have a lot of sitting work thus increasing the speed to gaining weight and fat. Most of us get all drained by the end of the day thus finding no energy to maintain our fitness levels.

Yoga, Fitness at your ease

Most of us are able to maintain good fitness level till we are in college but once we start entering the professional life we start avoiding it with a number of excuses to ignore it.

The fact is because of the time restraint and the comfort zone we built we just don’t want to look beyond it. Here is where yoga gives you the flexibility to practise it according to your schedule, you don’t have to drive somewhere far to ensure you do your daily workout.

All you need is room to practise and a mat to do you asana and exercises.  

 Is Yoga Practice Time Proof?

The most exciting fact about yoga is that it is not just a young man’s game but anyone in any stage in life can practise, ranging from young kids to people in their late 30’s or even people in their late 60’s, Yoga exercises for weight loss is the same for all. The best part is the more time you do it and the more you practise it you just keep on getting better. That makes yoga one of the finest and the most filtered way to help one lose fat.  

Yoga Tips For Weight Loss

With the yoga practice, daily one starts to understand their body and automatically understands the importance of keeping their mind and body healthy. Yoga with the mix of mental and physical activities mixed helps one make a decision that leads to weight loss. It also helps you adapt to Healthy food tips to lose weight thus with such decisions one feels light, relax and is filled with energy.

Or did you ever believe that your life would be better if you could have Jennifer Anniston’s bikini body (or) could you look as good as ‘Miss fitness’ who works next to you?
Hey, Did you ever stood in front of the mirror “dreaming” of a ‘perfect’ body? Hey, do you know that there are multiple yoga asanas for weight loss. These yoga asanas include standing poses, sitting poses, back-bending exercises and much more.

Here are different Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss:

1. Setu Bandh (Bridge Pose)
2. Bhekasana
3. Dhanurasana
4. Shalbasana
5. Chakki Chalan (Grinding Pose)
6. Nauka Chalan (Boat Pose)

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yoga asanas for weight loss


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