Health Benefits Of Green Tea During Periods | Can Green Tea Combat Ur Menstrual Pain

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Do You Know The Health Benefits OF Green Tea During Periods ?

Surprising Health Benefits Of Green Tea During Periods For All The Woman Which You May Not Know till today ! Don’t worry !Our article  is  for the women out there, who are experiencing heavy menstruation cramps and bleeding during that time of the month

Now, as a home remedy or in other terms to substantiate period pain, you must have heard of GREEN TEA, right…??

You must be in a dilemma if “Green Tea is good or Bad for Menstruation…!! and what are the amazing health benefits of green tea during periods for a woman? and much more!”

So, today let us look into this topic on which studies and research have been made to make few points clear if Green Tea is good for health or not during menstruation time

Can Geen Tea Combat Your Menstrual Pain ?

You should know that green tea is one of the age-old herbal tea types, and gained great prominence in Western countries as it aids many health benefits and an apt tea to lose weight.

On the other hand, there is another point to keep in mind that every food how good they are there will be some food taboos.

When it comes to drinking green tea during menstruation will not only be conducive to health but also bring in some trouble to the body.

Especially in women, during menstruation iron and calcium deficiency is observed along with a loss of blood, and on the other side, an important part is a synthesis of haemoglobin takes placed.

health benefits of green tea during periods

The Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea During Periods for Women

 As a known fact menstruation in women is a common thing, but the intensity of cramps / pain varies from women to women. And during this time, it is advisable to the doctors to take magnesium, calcium, and iron rich foods to compensate the loss that occurs during this time of the month.

  • So, looking into the foods that benefit and help relief from the cramps and pain are mainly leafy vegetables, banana, whole wheat grains, you will be surprised to know Dark Chocolate gives a soothing feeling.
  • Now, as we are talking about Green Tea – where green tea is said to be rich in Vitamin K and magnesium to substantiate the outflow of blood
  • As a nourishment factor, green tea also contains other various types of vitamins and minerals.
  • Apt from the benefits of green tea other foods like celery, meat, spinach, dry fruits and poultry items are to be consumed
  • You need to keep in mind that no problem has got ‘instant fix’ as a solution, so don’t stress your body into trouble. This is to mention that the foods mentioned above do not give immediate relief but helps maintain a balanced diet altogether.

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  • Green tea is to be regularly taken a week or 10 days prior to periods to get certain relief from menstrual cramps and pains.
  • And the green tea is to be limited to 2 cups per day.
  • Leads to regular periods cycle

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Well, What Are The Side effects of Green Tea During Menstruation ?

 On a safe end, green tea can be consumed by adults at a moderate level.

Green tea is said to have a little amount of caffeine in it, so the individuals who have a low level of tolerance to caffeine  or in other terms already if suffering from some similar health issue caused by caffeine are advised to limit the intake of Green tea so that the problem does not aggravate.

  • Problem 1

Abdominal problems

  • Stomach acidity is increased green tea as it has got tannins. This further leads to nausea or stomach ache or constipation.
  • For this green tea is not to be consumed in Empty stomach
  • Problem 2

Iron deficiency &Anaemia

  • During periods, it is said that women experience iron loss from their body due to heavy bleeding. At the same time, green tea is said to reduce absorption of iron.
  • To bear in mind, if you are already suffering an iron deficiency, it then right to consume green tea between meals and that too in a minimal quantity.
  • Problem 3

Anxiety, nervousness & sleep issues

  • It is observed that caffeine has its effect on anxiety and sleep that changes from individual to individuals body sensitive towards methylxanthine.
  • This also blocks up the chemicals that help in sleep from the brain and raises the level of adrenaline production.
  • Problem 4

There are other effects such as

  • Heartburn
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle tremors & Contractions
  • Diarrhoea
  • Irregular or Accelerated heartbeat rates
  • Vomiting


The above-mentioned side effects come into picture in conditions, mainly

  • When allergic to caffeine
  • And when taken in large counts of cups per day
  • So it is right to limit the intake of green tea to 2 cups per day to have the positive effect on the body.

Altogether the study of this article concludes saying that there are loads of health benefits of Green Tea during periods  if it is the limited minimal number of cups (2 Cups per day), and is said to bad if consumed in a large number of cups(if exceeding 5 cups).

health benefits of green tea during periods


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