How To Lose Weight Fast For Men Over 30 ? Weight Loss Diet Plan For Men

weight loss diet plan for men

Here is an effective Weight loss diet plan for men over 30

Have you bulked up with the holiday events and party foods during this summer?? Have you set up your mind to undergo exercise to lose the excess weight along with maintaining the muscle strength..?? Do you wanna know ” Weight loss diet plan for men ?”

Now, it’s time to set your goal for fitness workouts along with right nutritional diet.

In the same regards, we are here to help you attain your dream body. Let’s look into the “weight loss diet plan for men”.

Do you wanna know how fast weight loss plan for men over 30?

Today this article is on “weight loss diet plan for men” to build muscle, stay healthy and lose / burn fat. This diet involves nutritionally balanced calorie food involving carbohydrates, proteins, and right fat for day to day dining

  • What pattern is to be followed
  • Divide the food intake for 5-6 times a day
  • Cut down on stored and processed food
  • Right carbohydrates
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Have lean proteins

Do Follow This Beginners diet meal Plan to lose weight faster and safer 

weight loss diet plan for men

Do you wish to stay healthy along with maintaining the right energy levels, follow this diet plan?

Proportions –

  • Total calorie intake : 2,500 calories
  • Carbohydrates: 218 grams
  • Proteins: 218 grams
  • Fats: 83 grams

Along with exercising, proper diet needs to be followed that involves less in carbohydrates, and rich protein which highlights antioxidant rich foods. These antioxidant foods improvise health as proper blood circulation in the process of warding off inflammation.

Include this Weight Loss Diet Plan In Your Dialy Diet Menu To lose weight fast and quickly

Chart on what to have

According to India diet – the following food mentioned below can be consumed by the individuals who are on rigorous weight loss programme especially feasible “weight loss diet plan for men”

Part of the day Time of meal What  to have
Breakfast (Have it heavy as you got the entire day to digest it) 7Am – 8Am Any south Indian breakfast(Idly/Rava idly)(side dish sambar avoid coconut chutney) or Oats meal with lots of vegetables
Mid-day snacks 10Am – 11Am Full bowl of mixed fruits with glass of skimmed milk / glass of fresh juice with no sugar
Lunch (moderate kind of meal) 12Noon – 1Pm MENTIONED BELOW IN DETAIL
Afternoon snacks 3Pm – 5Pm Cup of Sprouts / puffed rice with lots of vegetables mixed / half cup of peanuts/ hand full of nuts.

Whole wheat raps with lots of vegetables(mainly tomatoes, onion, cucumber and carrots)

Dinner (Keep it really light) 7Pm – 8Pm Blow of soup / rasam / milk / No sugar No salt buttermilk

Full blow of salad + salad + 2 pulkas + lots of curries(cooked in less oil)

And So What Should I Eat in Lunch to lose weight fast and easily?

“Weight loss diet plan for men” or even women when it comes to lunch , the following pattern can be followed

weight loss diet plan for men

  • Diet meal 1

Pulkas – 2 no + 1 full cup of salad (mixture of raw vegetables) + half a cup of dal

  • Diet meal 2

Brown rice half cup + less oil cooked vegetables + dal half cup

  • Diet meal 3

Green vegetables salad + cooked curry + broken rice half cup

  • Diet meal 4

Whole grain roti’s + chickpeas curry

  • Diet meal 5

Spinach or mint roti’s + less fat cottage cheese half a bowl —– treat you tummy one in a week with delicious foods

  • Diet meal 6

Sprouts + boiled potato half cup

The above mentioned “Weight loss diet plan for men, will help maintain the muscle with proper regular exercise and balanced diet for which the actual taste bust can be kept alive once in a week by treating with feast food items.



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