Warrior Pose II or Virabhadrasana II Helps lose Weight From Hips And Thigh By yoga


Does Yoga Help You To Get Rid Of Fat On Your Hips and Thighs?

The answer is certainly yes…! Practicing Virabhadrasana Helps You To Do So.

Yoga is one of the most ancient ways to lose weight, keep your body fit and bring a sense of peace or calmness to your mind. From this ancient art of keeping your mind, body and soul healthy are here back again to help lose weight from hips and thigh by yoga. Warrior 2 or also quite properly known as the Virabhadrasana II is one of that extreme workout that would help you increase strength, stability and also work on your concentration power. In today’s society where we are either seated or are on our bed our legs don’t go through enough physical exercise thus making our joints and leg quite weak. Thus for ones that really love their body and want to lead a healthier life for long it is quite important to practice poses like Virabhadrasana that are really useful in losing weight from hips and thigh by yoga.

Most of us have a common doubt that “How To Lose Fat From Hips And Thighs By Yoga ?”

Instructions For Practicing Proper Warrior II Pose:

  • Get your yoga mat and spread it on the floor and get into the mountain pose.
  • Now stand straight with your feet, at least, a hip distance apart from each other with your arms at sides.
  • With your feet apart arms by your side take deep breaths in towards the center of your body to turn left.
  • Now breath out with your feet move wide apart, just see of your heels are aligned.
  • Turn to your right at an angle of 90 degrees so that your toes still point towards the mat.
  • Raise your arms that were at your side to the height of your shoulder so that they get parallel to the floor, as well your arms should also be aligned over your legs
  • Once you have achieved the desired pose now pull your belly towards your spine and towards the front leg.

Benefits of Warrior II Pose

If this pose practiced regularly and precisely helps in stretching your chest, legs, groin as well as helps in increasing the stamina. It’s also quite effective in stimulating digestion and also helps in losing weight from hips and thigh by yoga.

lose weight from hips and thigh by yoga

Hey, did you learn how to practice Veerabhadrasana and understood the potential benefits of Veerabhadrasana?Hence, Practicing Veerabhadrasana is the most graceful yoga posture that adds grace and beauty to your yoga practice.

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lose weight from hips and thigh by yoga


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