How To Lose Excess Body Fat Fast At Home?

lose excess body fat fast at home

Here’s Is The Unhealthy Route Which Helps You Lose Excess Body Fat Fast At Home

Days ago, I was always complaining about my belly fat and chubbiness to my friends, relatives, and family members. In order to put a stop to my ever increasing weight, I decided to adopt some measures and took certain steps thinking that it would bring remarkable results within a few days. But unfortunately, these steps went all in vain. I learned a lot by experimenting with my body and diet and I would love to share with you the blunders that I did and some other things that are unhealthy when you look to lose excess body fat fast at home.

But people like me do such things thinking that it would help in reducing weight and also keep the body hale and hearty instead it always backfires.

Excessive fasting is a myth, Do not follow this routine to lose excess body fat fast at home

I was in the same category of persons who thought that by eating less or skipping meals we would be able to reduce our weight. But this approach has proven to be opposite of what I thought. In a research by EA Young, University of Texas it has been proved that excessive fasting results in a reduction in metabolism rate that helps to burn the fat. I regularly skipped meals and as a result, it affected my metabolism and instead of losing weight, this resulted in weight gain.

Taking aperients affects your digestive system, know its harmful effects

This is a new trend all around the world where people are taking laxatives and aperients in order to reduce their weight. These people do not take into consideration the harmful effects of such pills on their digestive system. Such powders or teas could really cause intestinal problems that may be chronic in nature.

 Lose Excess Body Fat Fast At Home

Reducing carbohydrates is never an option, it will lead to reduction 

A good healthy body needs to take around 50-100 carbohydrates daily in order to maintain the fat and a good metabolism. People these days are reducing their carbs intake and are in a view that it would control their ever growing weight but they are just harming their physical strength eventually. Reduction in carbohydrates means a reduction in strength and increase in overall weakness in the body.

Intake of supplements results in added risk as they can cause harmful effects on your body

Today’s market is full of weight gainers and weight losing supplements that guarantee to increase or reduce weight within days. Most of these supplements contain caffeine, capsaicin, and Bioperine. These ingredients can cause harmful effects on our body. Would you like to be a person who is at a higher risk of a cardiovascular problem or a higher risk of damaging the liver? I certainly know that the answer is NO, nonetheless it is better to not to use such supplements as it also increases the blood pressure and the heart rate.

Over exercising makes you weak, it leads to overexertion and weakness

Let me ask you one simple question – What will happen to your car if you plan to take it to a 100-kilo meter drive and you fill its fuel tank with just 1 liter of petrol? You would say that the car would stop in between as it does not have enough fuel to run it. Similarly, what would happen if you over exercise and your body are undernourished? Over exercising is one of the worst method people adopt to reduce weight. It results in over exertion and hence people tend to rest more and when people feel weak and rest more it sooner or later results in weight gain.

Cleanses can lead to dehydration, they can also lead to serious medical problems

The risk of being dehydrated is at its peak when a person goes for detoxification thinking it would reduce weight. I wonder why people do not understand the fact that our body is so well designed that it could detoxify by its own self. Cleanses, according to me are pointless and it only results in serious medical problems and contributes nothing to a reduction in weight.

 Lose Excess Body Fat Fast At Home

A fascinating fact to know is that the people in the United States of America spend around $2 billion dollars every year on diet plans and other measures to reduce weight. But it is astonishing to read the latest report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which shows that 38 % of adults and more than 17 % of teenagers in the USA are obese. Hence, it is important to understand that even after spending such a huge amount on weight controlling measures people are not able to control their obesity. Focusing on effective measures is important rather than doing almost anything and ruining your health in the name of weight reduction measures.

Various researchers have been putting their minds into this and carefully examining all the detrimental effects of the above-mentioned methods to reduce weight. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) the following items are included in the balanced diet that helps to reduce weight and maintain a healthy metabolism of the human body without leading to the problems of excessive fasting or skipping meals:

Nutrient Source/Item
Calcium tofu made with calcium sulfate, Dairy Products, Soy Beverages with added calcium, kale broccoli, collard greens
Iron Lentils, Cashews, Chickpeas, Spinach, Cereal or Bread with added iron
Protein Dairy Products, Eggs, Peas, Beans, Seeds, Nuts, Tofu
Vitamin B12 Fortified Cereal or Soy Beverages, Eggs, Tempeh, Dairy Products, Miso
Vitamin D Milk, Beverages, and Foods with added Vitamin D, Cereal  or Soy Beverages
Zinc Nuts, Whole Grains, leafy greens – cabbage, spinach, lettuce, tofu

In order to reduce weight, I would suggest you go for simpler methods, methods that do not harm your body and have no side effects. Before taking up any steps without giving due consideration to all the aspects it is better to study your body and find out what is good and what is not good for it. Only after some thorough study, rational decisions must be taken and suitable methods must be adopted in order to reduce weight. If you face any complications while implementing your weight reduction plan, it is strictly advised to consult a physician and ask for expert guidance.



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