Top Yoga Poses To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels And Get Healthy

Yoga Poses - Cholesterol Levels

Top Yoga Poses To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels And Get Healthy | Curb Cholesterol with Yoga

Cholesterol is the lipid in the circulatory system if large amounts of cholesterol are present in your body can cause heart issues. An excess amount of cholesterol gets placed in the arteries, this affects the typical working of the arteries of the body.

Do you know that cholesterol is required for building layers and liquids into the membrane? Cholesterol in the body helps to form the different hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Cholesterol is good for the body but not the excess amount, it may cause harmful. That is the reason it is imperative to keep up a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy nourishment to maintain a strategic distance from heart problems.

Regular Yoga exercise is an important in our life to keep heart issues under control. Yoga can offer help. With regular yoga practice, it is probably easy to curb cholesterol. Here we have some Yoga asanas that helps to curb cholesterol and keep up under control.

Health tips:

Some of the health tips everyone should follow to control cholesterol:

  • Exercise regularly

  • Drink lot of water

  • Eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, oats, and pulses

  • Say no to tobacco and alcohol

  • Avoid eating junk food

  • Consume more fibrous food

Cholesterol yoga exercises:

Different studies propose that cholesterol yoga exercises can curb cholesterol without any destructive symptoms on the body. These are the Top Yoga Poses To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels will shape your body.  

Yoga Exercises - Cholesterol Control

  1. Kapal Bhati pranayama: This Yoga pose increases the rate of metabolism and reduces weight. It stimulates the stomach organs and enhances the functioning of the digestive tract.

  2. Chakrasana: The Wheel Posture knead the stomach organs and lightens constipation. It improves the liver functioning and in this way get rid of abundance fat and excess cholesterol.

  3. Shalabhasana: The Locust posture extends the stomach and stimulates the stomach organs. This posture too overcomes constipation.

  4. Paschimottanasana: The two-legged forward curve pose stimulates the kidneys and liver; lessens obesity and get rid of fat from the stomach area.

  5. Ardha Matsyendrasana: The Sitting Half-spinal bend posture massages the stomach organs stimulates the liver and aids in overcoming heartburn.

  6. Sarvangasana: It is a shoulder Stand pose that improves digestion and stimulates the stomach organs.

Yoga is an another approach that is highly recommended by the doctor to restore the cholesterol levels in the body. You should consult your doctor before taking any medication. It is important to learn yoga poses under a trained yoga expert. Here we can teach you yoga practice that keeps you healthy and calms your mind. Yoga practice brings a lot of health benefits and shapes your body. In this article we have given yoga for cholesterol control techniques, people who have excess fat may cut their fat with the above-mentioned yoga for cholesterol control techniques.

You can also keep your mind calm through practicing these Top Yoga Poses To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels!

Yoga Poses To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels


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