Top 8 Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately


Top 8 Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately

This is for the women out there willing to prepone periods….!!!

Have you got a coastline gateway that interferes straight with the regular menstrual cycle?

There could be few possibilities where women would be specific on acquiring their monthly periods to be hold off for a while or sometimes to prepone the dates. This is to specifically talk about Indian women, who wish to attend a wedding or some sort of religious events look in for the methods to prepone or postpone their period’s duration. Or in other words, if there is any important meeting or unavoidable work on the actual days of the periods, as these periods could interrupt the easy at that point of time. In such cases, women wish to purpose or hold on with the period’s cycle for few days or finish them before time.

Out of all these reasons, whatever could be the matter there are ways to prepone or jumpstart the periods than the expected dates. To keep in mind – holding on the periods for few days would involve medication, where tablets are prescribed to postpone the dates. But there could be possibility or risk involved in causing illness or on a long stretch that could lead to irregular periods.

So in order to avoid all these complications by unnatural methods, we shall look into few home remedies that are worth trying and help in prepone the menstrual cycle.

This article today will help us look into few home remedies (Natural remedies) that help in prepone the date of menses.

Natural Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately

Different Methods to Prepone Periods Naturally

Bearing in mind the fact that methods used to prepone the periods can create the hormonal imbalance. But, if there are proper reasons that you must go on with the decision of prepone method, there are few remedies that naturally help in preponing periods that aid to achieve the target.

Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately

Here We Go With Top Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately

  1. Have loads of fruits & fruit juices


  • Papaya is the fruit that is said to produce more heat in the body. So for the periods to start early, the body requires heat generation for which papaya has got the most of it. Estrogen is the hormone that helps in generating periods, and papaya help releases these hormones way early to the regular dates.
  • A bowl of papaya per day is the right way to consume. But at the same time, having the papaya juice with a tinge of lime in it will work more quick to prepone periods.
  • Improves vitamin C levels


Pomegranate juice & Sugarcane Juice

  • Pomegranate juice is said to contain rich amount of antioxidants which improvises health and brings the periods early.
  • Having three glasses per day of the same juices for few days will help the periods to start early


  • Dates are other kinds of food that produce heat in the body, and having few dates prior to the period’s time will help in early menses.


  • Having pineapple juice or the salad of papaya and pineapple helps in early periods
  1. Try Few vegetable


  • Pumpkin is said to have carotene, as such it is not a rule to have this veggie but will help for early periods


  • Carrots are another red food similar to pomegranate and are rich in carotene. Carotene is said to generate estrogen (menses hormones) that help in early periods
  1. Try contraception

Birth control pills

  • The increase in level of estrogen will lead to early periods. And that is what you want, which can be done using contraceptive pills which have both progesterone and estrogen in them.
  • But it is always right to take the advice of a Gynecologist before going ahead with the pills.
  • Use the pills for 7 days and give it a stop, It is studied that periods start in next couple of day once they tablets are stopped (but this is not true menses)
  1. Aspirin & Vitamin C tablets

  • Taking medication that, like aspirin and vitamin c will increase the production of estrogen levels in the body. This will help in early periods

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  1. Look in for natural herbs – Is The Best Natural Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately

Turmeric tea

  • It is studied that turmeric and tea have got many health benefits, along with which it helps the women to experience early periods
  • Prepare a cup of tea, where a pinch of turmeric is to be added. Make it a point to have this as the first thing in the morning for few day till the periods start (priors periods at least by 5 days than expected)

Carom seeds

  • To any juice add few carom seeds on the regular basis till periods begin.
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sesame seeds are well known for starting periods early. They are said to contain vitamins and minerals which are very much required for the body.
  • It is recommended to take 2 spoons of sesame seeds along with luke warm water,for 15 days prior to actual periods date.


  • Sesame seeds + jaggery very effective method for early periods


  • Ginger + honey as a first thing in the morning to prepone periods
  1. Regular sex

  • Sex is said to make some mess and directs to prepone the periods date. At the same time involving in regular vaginal sex increases blood flow as it leads to uterus contraction, this ultimately leading to early menstruation that the expected date.
  • At the same time, semen has the hormones that soften cervix that also aid for early menses.
  1. Hot water massage

  • Normally take a hot water bag and place that on the abdomen regularly for few days. Or while having bath sit in the warm water bath for few days prior to your regular periods as it increases heat in the body and increases blood flow menses tends to start early.
  1. Get used to regular exercises – A Natural Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately

  • To keep you fit and fine,along with intense cardio exercise and aerobics releases stress and generated endorphin which is good and helps in early periods.

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Hope these home remedies along with one or two mediation methods will help you start the periods date prior to the expected time duration.

Stay tuned with us for many more interesting updates on the top ” Natural Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately “

Wish you have a hurdle and stress – free events, without actually having to undergo any sort of discomfort at the proper time of special days. We accept all your comments and suggestion. Looking forward to getting back you soon with some more useful information.

Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Immediately


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