Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before you start using our site. If you want to use our website you must agree our Terms & Conditions. If you don’t want to accept these Terms & Conditions, better don’t use our website.

The contents such as images, graphics, text and other information are obtained from licensors and all the material provided on this website for our informational purpose only. 

Accessing the website:

We do have absolute right to amend this site and we can also withdraw any information provided on this website without any notice. Sometimes we can restrict the access to the users or to some parts of the website or the entire website. You are responsible for the following:

  • You should make all the arrangements that are required for you to get an access to the website.
  • All the users including registered users who access this website via the internet must be aware of theseTerms & Conditions.

Account Security:

If you are sharing your personal information along with username and password, you must trust us that we keep such type of information as confidential and should not disclose anywhere.  

Here we go with few terms which you must agree upon:

  • You should agree not to provide any of your personal information to any other person to access this website by using your data.
  • You should notify us immediately if any unauthorized one access your personal data.
  • You should agree that you should exit at the end of your each session.
  • When you are accessing your account, you should use a caution from a shared or a public computer, so that no other one can access your account and not able to view your data or any other personal information.

Prohibited usage 

You can access your account and use this website lawfully.

You should not use this website for the following reasons:

  • You should not copy or change the information available on our site.
  • You should use only some of the audio or video files, images that you have given access to.
  • You should not alter or delete any of the copyrights, proprietary rights, trademarks or some other notices from our website.
  • If you change, delete, copy, download, print or give any access to the third person, it leads to violating the Terms & Conditions, so we will take a serious action against you.

Restricted access:

You can’t access certain areas in our website. If we have given you a username and password to get an access to the certain areas, you should keep that login credentials as confidential.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions:

We do have right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time. Whenever any change applies to the website, then immediately the Terms & Conditions are updated by our team. If you want to know about this website, you are expected to visit our Terms & Conditions page and our webs site for continuous updates.

If you would like to use our resources on our website, you can send a mail requesting for approval: yoga4uhealth@gmail.com

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