7 Rapid Weight Loss Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight Fast & Even Faster

Rapid weight loss tips and tricks

Rapid weight loss tips and tricks For healthy eaters

Ohhhoooo…!!! I got to attend a party in the next 10days…!!! I wish to fit into my favourite costume, but I have put on few kgs since last 2 months. How do it I fit into these lovely clothes…??? (Or) I am finding trouble in losing weight since long, how do I lose weight…?? Don’t worry here are rapid weight loss tips and tricks to help you lose all those extra fats within no time.

All these are the questions and confusions going on in your mind, RIGHT….???

You are at the right place to find a solution for all the question and confusion going on in your brain. It is a true and sad thing, that people are in a notion “ eat less and workout (exercise) more ” will serve the purpose of losing weight. In this way, we are depriving our body of foods that we like, and leaving our stomachs in a needless suffering.

Let’s go ahead with these 7 Rapid weight loss tips and tricks that work for you !

You must be spending out hours of time on the treadmill without any breaks, sweating, starving yourself from favourite foods for “rapid weight loss tips and tricks”. Apart from this, there are few simple steps and weight loss tips for a fast drop of weight on the scales. Incorporate these “simple weight loss tips” in your day to day lifestyle to experience the best results of toned up body image. To the maximum No Gym / No Diet is required….!!

Doesn’t this sound really great and soothing to treat your stomach…???

Are you eagerly looking forward to what exactly are the “tips for rapid weight loss” programmes…?? It is not going to be a long wait anymore. Let’s see what the “tips for rapid weight loss are;

Drink plenty of water

Drinking lot of water helps washing out all the toxins from the body. These unnecessary toxins need to be pushed out from the body to “lose weight on a fast track. A complete internal body wash is very much necessary when you are on a dietary plan. Amongst the “weight loss program” diet and exercise together play a vital role, isn’t it..??

Rapid weight loss tips and tricks

Below are few “tips on rapid weight loss”, that are to be set for as a short term programme and then can be extended to a long term process till you reach your targeted number on the scale.

Never skip any meal

Never skip any meal. Everybody is a notion that, if they skip a meal and keep themselves starving will help lose fat. But this is not true and does not help you  lose weight fast . It can be a backfire if you leave yourself starving, the metabolism of the body may get hampered, and the leftover energy and the sugar levels tend to fall down in due course of time.  Finally, no energy is left to do any kind of work ultimately.

Fix in time for at least 20 minutes of physical active every day

Well, are you on a diet…?? Then it’s time for you to fix in few minutes of exercise every day or at least twice or thrice in a week. Make a beginning, it might be difficult for first two weeks to make things fall in place, but once things are on track you will get used to it very soon.

At least 20 minutes of exercise is a must which can include swimming, cardio, light weight handling (dumbbells) will do the job. And it is said that 20 minutes of exercise means to burn out 700 calories nearly. You don’t have to struggle for going to the gym and work-out for hours together, “simple exercises at home” will add on to the “dietary weight loss programme”.

Set an aim

Do you know the other most important Rapid weight loss tips and tricks  involve setting the mind in such a way that you are determined to reach the target scale at any cost? Gaining weight is really easy, but trying to lose the same weight can take much longer time unless you prepare yourself to say a Big NO to YoY o – diet (Eating more than body requirement – number of calories an average person requires). At the same time, it does not mean to keep yourself starving, has right kind of balanced food when you are under the weight loss program.

Create a platform and stick to it – for about few days or for few weeks you may not find any change in the scales when you are under weight loss program. You need to stay calm in such times, never lose hope. Keep doing what you are doing and over a period of time things will start happening, where you might find changes on the scale.

Lose weight forever…!!! Stay tuned and never lose faith.

Rapid weight loss tips and tricks

Get right amount of sleep

It might sound bit strange when we say “get enough sleep” – but, it is a fact that sleep deprivation can make your fat. As a good “weight loss tip” getting the right amount of sleep will help improve the metabolic rate of the body. Individuals who get less than 4 hours of sleep per night have a very poor metabolic rate which was proved in a research study of many professors.

Prepare a cutoff line to sugars and salt (sodium)

When considering the facts about rapid weight loss tips and tricks – The better tip is to add  Salt (sodium) adds on to water retention which can make you feel bloated, so it is always right to put a cut off line to this food. Whereas, sugary foods items add on to fat content in the body. So, do not eat too much of salt and sugar…!! Too much of salt and sugar for the body is bad, especially when you are under the weight loss programme

But to make a point clear, you really do not have to deprive yourself of the above-mentioned items. But, you just need to have a track on how much of Sugar and salt is being consumed. So, draw a cut off line for the same to maintain a healthy fit body.

Have green tea

Losing weight is all about having a good metabolic rate. Nowadays study and survey have proved that Green Tea helps in burning of 70 calories in the 24 hours cycle. Green Tea can be consumed 2 – 3 times a day as it helps in burning out calories and mainly improves the metabolic rate of the body.

Try green tea as a substitute to the sugary tea / coffee to lose the extra calories, without actually have to put in many efforts.

Hope our “tips on rapid weight loss” favour you in all ways.

You are now ready to fit into the beautiful costume of yours to attend the party, with lovely body image.

We welcome all your comments and feedback. “Weight loss tips”, “weight loss exercises and dietary plans” mentions in the previous articles also are going to be an add-on to the content mentioned above on “ Rapid weight loss tips and tricks to help you lose weight better .


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