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Playing Pokémon Go has its own health benefits

The real life positive health benefits of Pokémon mobile game, the latest GPS-based augmented reality mobile game are being experienced throughout the world. The quest to catch them all is doing wonders for the health of the individuals.

The players, who are known as trainers, download the game to their smartphone. In order to progress the game, they need to walk around for finding and catching Pokémon and access particular locations known as Poke stops where the Poke balls, as well as other useful and interesting items, may be collected.

Pokémon Go’s uber base surpassing Twitter’s

Pokémon Go’s (one of the good computer games) uber base is already surpassing Twitters base at least amongst the Android users. The game has now interestingly become a kind of therapy for people living with social anxiety, depression, agoraphobia and other similar mental health issues.

Health benefits of the game

  • Getting out and aiding mental health

According to a recent study conducted by the Frontiers in psychology regarding video games and the brain, there is growing evidence which suggests that an exposure to the natural environment may be associated with the mental health of people and its benefits to them. The similar scientific journal, later on, published a paper which claimed that intellectual and emotional connections which people are capable of making in the video games like Pokémon mobile game may have some therapeutic implications.

Soon after the launch of the game, there were a lot of reports from the players who suffered from anxiety and depression claiming that Pokémon game app has had positive effects on their emotional as well as mental health. Just leaving their house for getting some exercise has proven to have positive effects on their outlook and mood and for some of the users, the game has offered the much-needed motivation to leave their house.

It is quite important to exaggerate the gaming benefits here in today’s world where we are often told that technology may exacerbate depression. It is nice to look at the positive effects of these types of games on the mental health of the players. We should not forget that there’re a lot of other ways in which the internet can help us in getting through our hard times.

  • Boosting your business

It is very much possible that some of the businesses like eateries, cafes, fast-food outlets, etc. may start taking the advantage of the Pokémon game app for attracting more and more players to their place. This would become a bigger deal in the coming future when the developer Niantic ads sponsored Pockets to this app and there are also plans of adding more functionality to Poke Stops themselves.

Rumours are regarding the question that would Pokémon Go being one of the good computer games becomes the latest Foursquare with discounts as well as other benefits from the patrons who drop by? You never know, but the latest sponsored locations as well as Niantic’s decision of taking feedback from the players living in the rural and the suburban areas where experience has been well described as still lacking.

  • Meeting the neighbourhood

Another side effect of Pokémon Go is that you keep sticking out like the sore thumb to all the people who are also playing the same game. The players not just hang around gyms, lures and parks or other areas they also recognise the flick of the Poke ball.

A lot of players of the Pokémon games download are taking the game to another level with the real world meetups like thousands of other people who have agreed to appear for the event in the Millennium Park of Chicago on Facebook. In California, the local NBA team has invited their fans for a pre-game meet up and they’re events which are being organised in most of the major cities as well as neighbourhoods on the local get together service meetup.

Some of the players from Washington DC have also come together for cleaning up some of the Pokémon Go related graffiti from some parks while other are also using their long evening walks for hatching the eggs as an opportunity for cleaning up the litter. Journalists are also pontificating over whether games like Pokémon would help some of the users find some love with the articles popping on the websites.

  • Even dogs like Pokémon

A lot of users are also reporting that even there have not been on these kinds of long walks due to their desire for hatching eggs. In this game, the users mainly collect the eggs from the Poke Stops and while levelling up that have some distance attached to them. You need to walk a particular distance for hatching the eggs and getting new Pokémon.

While physical exercise is very good for dogs, it is also good for you. The Muncie Animals Shelter located in Indiana has taken a step further and asked the users who wish to hatch the eggs or go looking for the rare Pokémon to come to them and take one dog for a walk. You need to keep in mind that if you’re thinking about exercising your dog while playing the game to pay attention and also to clean up the mess afterwards.

So the positives of video games and Pokémon games download are many.

Teaching each other the game

According to several studies, there is a huge relationship between video games and the brain. This game has also broadened the sense of knowledge as well as curiosity amongst people. You will see a lot of people playing the game and realising gaming benefits.

The developers of the Pokémon Go game did not mean to develop mental-health gaming application but now they have done so and the positives of video games and especially this one are being realised by a lot of people. More and more people are downloading and enjoying the game and also realising the health benefits which are being talked about. Surprising enough but yes a video game is working wonders for people’s health.


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