How To Control And Handle Mood Swings Before periods ?

Mood swings before periods

Hey Do You Face Extreme Mood Swings Before periods ?

Find Out Why and What You Can Do To Help Control Your PMS Mood Swings

Are you facing trouble of Mood swings before periods time, and have a question on how to deal with them……?

First let’s understand what this all means in scientific terms. In case a woman is undergoing any kind of mood fluctuations before periods or feels stressed out and irritated, then it means that the woman is undergoing PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome in other words known as Premenstrual Tension (PMT)in scientific terms.

This word seems to horrifying and gives a sense as though you are in a big health trouble, Right…???

But, don’t worry one in three women undergo this kind of situation before or during their menstrual cycle.

Mood swings before periods

Why does this Happen?

According to research and studies “The Hormonal Levels in your body start to fluctuating few days prior to your periods, which cause mood swings”.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are about 100 plus symptoms that are recognized under the PMS. All together only a handful of which are experienced by women on their regular period cycle, and these symptoms include both physical and psychological (mental).

All the symptoms that are mentioned below are observed in the beginning 7 days and seen to disappear as the regular monthly periods start. All the symptoms may differ from month to month. These symptoms are observed in the women between the ages of 20 – 40 years.

Sometimes it many get worst with the women who have irregular periods. In such case it is always right to consult a doctor and take medication after right diagnosis, as there could be hormonal imbalance.

Types of Symptoms:

Attitudinal symptoms –

  • Overeating
  • Less sex interest

Psychological Symptoms –

  • Loss of confidence
  • Short tempered
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Tiredness
  • Restlessness
  • Less concentrated
  • Mood of Depression

Physical Symptoms –

  • Bloating of Stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Joint aches , Headache, Backache
  • Lumpy and tender breast
  • Insomnia
  • Swelling of ankles

How To Control Mood Swings Before Periods ?

What to EAT…??

Certain precautions have to be taking during the periods time, especially when it comes to diet. The food or beverages that we take may bring in lots of changes to PMS symptoms. Let’s look into the fact on what to eat and what not eat before and during menstruation time.

Eat This

  • As natural remedy having a small piece of Jaggery, helps in relieving PMS Symptoms. Jaggery tends to release Endorphin means happy Hormones.
  • Have lots of vegetables & Fruits (Avoid fruit juices)
  • Trust and load yourself with Whole grains
  • Hand full of nuts

Do not eat

  • Avoid huge amounts of Vitamins + Minerals as it can create a worst situation to PMS Symptoms
  • Avoid taking in Salty food, as it may lead to fluid retention and bloating
  • Damage to the mood can be caused with large amount of intake of fizzy drinks and alcohol and adds on to loss of energy physically.
  • Cut-down on the counts of caffeine

As a point of conclusion, if the symptoms of PMS get to worse it is always right to consult a gynecologist. At the same time if the symptoms of PMS do not vanish between periods it is highly advisable to talk to doctor to avoid complications.

We are here to take all your advice and comments, and shall work on them. We shall get back to you with come more interesting contents on health for a healthy day to day life living.

“One who has health has Hope, and the one who has hope has everything”

Mood swings before periods


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