Many people around the world want to live a healthy life but unfortunately, fail to set the real goal and struggle with their health or weight issues, say they’ve tried every diet or food plan with great efforts, without a long-term success.

If you are also wondering how to lose kilos fast, you need to realise that ‘setting goals’ are must achieve the real target which will not only help you to reduce weight but will also leave you feeling full and with plenty of energy naturally.

Here is a small list of foods and herbs from nature, which anyone can get from their kitchen garden, will help you to reduce fat naturally.

  • Whole eggs

Most of the time people make perceptions that the whole egg contains high cholesterol, but according to the studies, eggs don’t affect blood cholesterol harmfully and don’t cause heart attacks. It also says nutrients are found in the yolk which naturally cut the fat in human body.

  • Fresh greens and vegetables

Leafy greens like:

  • Spinach
  • Collards
  • Parsley

           As the world knows fresh greens and veggies are low in both calories and carbohydrates, but loaded with fiber, which automatically increase the volume of your meals without increasing the calories, in fact, the existing calcium not only burns fat but gives you energy.


  • Add some pepper

You can also kick start your day with pepper as it decreases food intake later in the day.

The credit goes to its catalyst which decreases overall calories intake, increase metabolism. You can also add it to your soups, which will give you a healthy kiss of good life.

  • Go for healthy whole grains

The quick and easy step for weight loss is, to ‘switch for whole grain’; unlike refined wheat, whole grains contain more nutrients and fiber and less ‘glycaemic index’ (GI) which provide you a fuller stomach  as well as maintain your energy for the whole day.

It also has more texture, flavour, and nuttiness gives you the satisfaction of eating.

  • Fresh fruits and juices

Most health experts advise going for fruits and fresh juices. Numerous population studies have also shown the people who have added them in their diet are healthier than who have not.

Fruit contains ‘low energy density sugar’ called ‘Fructose’ which metabolises in the liver.

If you talk about juices; try juice most fruits and vegetables. I try to choose the greenest, water-rich and most alkalizing ones for my own juices, using some (or all!) of the following: spinach or cucumber, celery, pears, apples, ginger and lemon. It not only helps in weight reduction but gives you a glowing skin naturally.

Opting Herbs and home-made remedies is a good idea for weight loss here are some herbs and spices which will help you out to reduce the unwanted weight naturally.

  • Cinnamon

This spice has the best quality to balance the blood sugar. Blood sugar plays an important part in our body, it affects the hunger and craving system in the human body and keeps the stomach or body full for longer. Which means you can sprinkle it on some cottage cheese, plain yogurt or in your favourite brew to increase the taste and reduce the weight naturally.

  • Turmeric

This orange and yellow spice have several weight loss properties.

Turmeric reduces the formation of fat tissues, therefore it’s helpful to lower the total body fat and prevents the weight gain. According to the study from Tufts, University has also found in 2009 said, “Warming spice,” turmeric increases body heat, which, in turn, can boost metabolism. It also fights with several diseases.

  • Ginger  

Like cinnamon ginger also helps to control blood sugar by decreasing hunger pangs. In monsoon, most of us often crave for deep fried foods, which increase the chances of fat and weight gain, and to reduce that food craving inside us ginger plays an important role as it reduces the craving for food and cut the fat naturally. You can try it in your morning tea, over baked fish, or on to fruit salads.

  • Cardamom

Cardamom also comes with great surprise it’s easily available in your chicken corner, it boosts your metabolism and most importantly burns the unwanted fat from the body. So what are you waiting for sprinkle it on your tasty food and Voila! You are ready to fight with that disturbing weight, naturally.

  • Black pepper

This commonly used spice has the quality of ginger; it’s filled with ‘piperine’. This compound helps in boosting the metabolism, also improve the digestive system. If you haven’t tried it yet, sprinkle it once on your favourite yogurt, cheese, and boiled egg. It gives you a great taste while cutting the fat.


Tips for healthy cooking and healthy soul

  • Extra virgin coconut oil

Use of extra virgin coconut oil instead of mustard oil, it’s high in lauric acid, which usually found in breast milk.

  • Change the cooking method

Avoid deep fried food, which increases the risk of body weight and diseases. It drenches your healthy diet under unwanted calories. And makes you fat in spite eat light boiled food.

  • Don’t overeat

Always take a healthy portion of a meal which can enhance the risk of weight gain, try to avoid food while going to bed.

  • Choose a healthy eating- out options

While planning the meal outside home try to search online menu if available, choose your meal before you actually go out.

You can try these foods and tips for the healthy lifestyle because healthy eating habits can help you to gain a beautiful life and peaceful soul can also give you the power to achieve your goal. So what are you waiting for just kick out that fat and show the world, the real beauty which’s hidden behind some extra kilos and weight?

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