How To Trick Your Body To Lose Weight Fast ? | Tips To Lose Weight Smartly

Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast and Naturally?

Weight loss is not magic, it depends on various factors. Have you ever observed that you follow a diet and still not losing enough weight? Or you exercise daily but have not lost even a pound, if yes then you must be missing on something in your routine. Here we have catered some tricks and tips that you must be missing in your diet, so follow these to lose weight fast and with fewer efforts.

Say no to Sugar

Sugar is considered as the most fattening substance that contains a very high amount of calories. So the first tip to lose weight fast is to cut down your sugar intake. Stop drinking sugary drinks, canned fruit juices, soda, and other aerated drinks these have a large amount of sugar which is not healthy for your weight. Instead of taking desserts or ice creams after dinner you try to have fresh fruit salad which is tasty as well as healthy. You have a habit of drinking tea or coffee regularly then try to have them without sugar or add sugar-free in a small amount. Sugars in drinks have more calories and have a greater effect on your weight.

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Magic of Water

It is ideal to drink 8 glasses of water in a day. Drink water at regular intervals to keep you hydrated and improve your digestion. Water is said to suppress your appetite that means you are less likely to feel hungry all the time. It is a good practice to drink water before your meals as this helps you feel full and you tend to eat less, thus eating fewer means consuming fewer calories. You must be wondering how to lose belly fat? For this avoid drinking water just after your meals, you can drink in between but not after your meals as this helps you lose belly fat.

Lose Weight Fast

Make Friends with Protein

Protein rich food aids to rapid weight loss. When it comes to diet plan protein food is a must to be included. Food such as meat, egg, fish, and vegetables such as spinach, the number of fruits, beans, nuts, milk and cheese are said to be protein rich and give a lot of energy when you are on a strict diet. So try to include these for a healthy and filling diet plan.

Keep Eating

Yes, this is right keep eating when you want to lose weight. Eat in small intervals the whole day, instead of having 3 full meals have 5 short meals along with healthy munching in between. Include light, low-calorie healthy food in your meals. If you are working so have fruits, salads, roasted nuts with you on your desk, keep eating them all the day this will help you to avoid food cravings of high calories or junk foods. Eating fruits are best for munching so have as many fruits as you can. Citrus fruits such as grapefruit or orange are great low calories fruits that you can eat anytime; you can also have apples that are good for your health.

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 Exercise is the Key

Keeping a watch on your diet is a must but without proper exercise routine, your diet plan will not work. So exercise is the key to lose weight fast and have long lasting weight loss effect. There are a number of weight loss exercises so choose the best exercise to lose weight   according to your body and weight.

White Bread is Bad

Say no to white bread when you want to lose weight fast. You can add brown bread or whole grain bread that are a much healthier option. If you are thinking how to lose belly fat then you can have whole grain bread that helps you lose fats easily. White bread is really harmful to your weight as it adds the extra calorie to your routine.

Cute Small Crockery

Yes, this is a tip to trick your mind, use small crockery that looks really cute and will help you lose weight amazingly. You can fill your small plate or bowl with food having a feeling that you had a plate full of food but this is the trick, you actually had a very small amount of food. This will help you eat less at a time so you can eat small meals in small plates a number of times.

Make a Diary

Maintain a record of your food; write down everything from morning till night whatever you have consumed. It is observed that people who maintain a food log are likely to lose weight faster than those who don’t. This food journal will help you keep an eye on what are you eating, what is benefiting your routine and help you improve your daily food routine.

Walking for 45 minutes

If you find it hard to exercise for hours or you are unable to find the best exercise to lose weight then walking for 45 minutes daily will really accelerate your weight loss process. Don’t walk less and don’t walk more 45 minutes are just perfect for daily exercise that is needed for each individual. This will help you stay healthy and active all time.


Weight loss is not difficult but to lose weight fast is tricky. You don’t have to follow a strict diet routine or fad diets just follow simple tips and few diet changes and you will see the difference in really short time. Don’t stop eating; keep on adding healthy foods to your routine. Train your brain for healthy food and avoid junk and high-calorie foods. You will get a number of diets tips around the internet but which one to follow is up to you. The best tip to lose weight fast is stick to a single routine for some time. Adapt a healthy routine in your daily life and avoid high-calorie intake is a single mantra for all.

Lose Weight Fast



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