Hey stress Getting You Down? Learn To Meditate In 6 Simple Steps

learn to meditate

A Newbie’s Attempt At Meditation – Do’s and Dont’s | Learn To Meditate ..!

So, here you are after having heard everything good about meditation. Meditation has long term effects and benefits – most important being it helps control the flow of thoughts and thus helps calm the mind.

Why Meditate? Would you lie to learn to meditate ? Then you are on the right place.

Meditation helps combat anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and make one enjoy the present moment. All this because meditation tips help us control our mind from wandering.

Learn to meditate

Controlling our thoughts is a daunting task and meditation techniques help us, if not master then, at least, to be successful at that.

Meditation techniques leave one with a sense of calmness, of being at peace and a sense of optimistic happiness prevails, irrespective of what one goes through.

Meditation Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Beginners at meditation need to understand that it is not a big challenge and you can do it. Meditation tips and tricks most importantly mean starting small.Most beginner meditation exercises would last for not more than 10 minutes. As you keep on practicing meditation every day, keep increasing the time span you meditate for.

Begin Right

Understand the importance of beginner meditation exercises. One needs to know why you want to be applying the meditation tips. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, over thinking or stress, you have an aim. These will keep you on the path to making the most of the meditation techniques.

Choose the Right Place to Meditate

Beginner meditation exercises need to be practiced at a peaceful place that is cut off from noise.

Correct Your Posture

While you are practicing the meditation techniques, it is essential that you sit straight and comfortable. Most people keep their eyes closed as it helps them focus. Some Meditation tips suggest focusing on an external object as with closed eyes as it helps focus better.

Choose Your Way of Meditation

Meditation is best done with closed eyes in a silent corner, but some people prefer listening to meditating music.Some focus on an external object that helps them take their mind off everything else while others prefer to concentrate on their breath.

Meditation tips for focusing depend on how you feel present in the current moment. Some people drift off to sleep or thoughts with closed eyes, so prefer keeping their eyes open in a low gaze.

Meditation tips and tricks for first-timers would include focusing with their eyes closed and being aware of their thoughts. As you keep doing the beginner meditation exercises, you will know eventually which way works for you.

Focus Will Not Come Right In The First Attempt

The aim of meditating is to be mindful. That is what makes you aware of your thoughts and helps you direct them. Meditation tips and tricks vary from person to person. You need to be aware on how to focus your mind.

Don’t Try to Control Your Thoughts

Let them come and just pass by. Don’t fight their presence and do not delve deeper.


Meditation leaves one calm and relaxed, and this has to show on your face too. It is not a Herculean task, neither are you on a mission. Relax, and follow one of the essential meditation tips – smile.

Open Your Eyes Gently:  And also remind yourself to meditate for a longer time, the next time.

Hope this experience leaves you eager to try meditation exercises and have a peaceful time with yourself.

learn to meditate

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