What to Eat in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond : Daily Routine For Healthy Life !

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Healthy Nutrition For Life – Healthy Eating Tips For Women

Hey, do you know that healthy eating is all about eating smart ! Do you wanna know various healthy diet basics for women and keep yourself fit and healthy ? Here are healthy eating tips for Women. Hence , we have come up with tips on – healthy diet for women in their 20s , healthy diet for women over 30  and healthy diet for women over 40 !

Taking care of your health is not a task, but it is an essential duty of yours. It is always never late to start paying more attention to protecting your health. Here come some health tips, to keep you fit and healthy at different stages of your life. Why don’t you transform your eating habits with these simple yet effective healthy eating tips.

Would you like to get back on the right track with your healthy eating tips and healthy eating habits? We have rounded up 15 of the best healthy eating tips which will instantly kick-start your daily routine !

Nutrition In your 20’s – When you have become a grown up

  • Take annual health checkup

You might think that you are in your 20’s, the most flourishing period in your lifetime and need not worry about your health. But it is wrong. What you start now, will keep you healthy for next coming stages. Taking health checkups annually is best to know your body and how you are performing health wise. Getting to know your hemoglobin levels and your BMI on a regular basis is very important.

  • Take care of your bones

Strengthening your bones is a must to do the job at this age. Things start changing after your 30’s and the foundation which you establish now is very important to take you forward. Do not compromise on your calcium and vitamin D intake. 90% of your bones get strengthened in your 20’s and a good bone health is important to prevent osteoporosis from occurring.

  • Quit unhealthy habits and explore healthy eating tips / routine

healthy eating tips

All of us love junk food. They are very tempting, attractive and lip smacking. They pull you into them gradually. Similar to the saying ‘All that shines is not Gold’, they are very dangerous to your lifestyle. Junk foods have got just dumb carbohydrates and have no health benefits. They are rich in calories. You should remember that, for your body machine to function without any problem, food should be your fuel. You should love your body and take utmost care of it. It is not a trash to keep stuffing and dumping with whatever you get.  

If you are overweight, 20’s is the right time to keep your weight under control. If you maintain a normal BMI throughout, your life expectancy also increases. Hit the gym or start aerobics. They are the best exercises to lose fat fast.

Nutrition In your 30’s – No longer a youth

  • Have a healthy sleep routine

A peaceful sleep of 7 to 8 hours a day is essential for a healthy living. Busy moms would hardly find time to sleep, taking care of their kids and family. Even during your third trimester of pregnancy, your sleep cycles might be affected. Make sure that you set up a comfortable and cozy atmosphere to obtain good sleep. Give priority to sleep.

  • Heads up on period problems

Whether you have children or not, if your period’s flow is heavy or painful, immediately consult a doctor. This could be due to PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder), fibroid in your uterus or thyroid problems. Paying attention to it at the right time is essential to obtain a cure on time.

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healthy eating tips

  • Check your glucose levels and blood pressure

This time period is favorable for the onset of diabetes and blood pressure. Have utmost control on your intake of foods containing sugar and high carbohydrate content. Eating out of control and following a non-healthy lifestyle can easily pave the way for diabetes and blood pressure, which are the foundation for other severe health disorders. Thus, women we should follow simple yet healthy eating tips to lose weight naturally and that too without depriving much yourself !

  • Keep your weight under control

It is advisable to own a weighing scale at every home. It is essential to monitor your weight and that of your family members and keep it under control. With the onset of 30’s your metabolism rate starts slowing down. Hence it is required to involve yourself in regular physical activity.

Nutrition In your 40’s – the old age of youth

  • Caution alert about Breast Cancer

When you touch your 40’s, start discussing with your doctor as to when you can start taking your mammograms, to test breast cancer. Your doctor can help you to evaluate your family medical history regarding the same and guide you about it.

  • Keep your diabetes under control

Type 2 diabetes is very common after 40. If you are lucky enough that you are still not a diabetic patient, take every effort to keep yourself healthy. If you are a diabetic patient, keep your glucose levels under control and opt for regular physical activity.

healthy eating tips

  • Keep yourself active

Studies have proved that 40 minutes daily brisk walk helps you to maintain your weight and live a healthy life. Take up minor walks such as walking to your grocery store to purchase goods, getting down 2 bus stops ahead of your stop and walking a long way home, cleaning your house by yourself, taking your pet for a walk and so on.

  • Reassign your calorie intake

It is a fact that 70% of your body control depends on the diet tips for women you follow and the food you intake. Only 30% depends on exercise. Hence, make a schedule and keep a note of your intake. You can also use apps such as Healthily Me which tracks your calorie intake. Reducing carbohydrate and fat consumption and replacing it with protein and fiber is very essential. If you are overweight, it is very important to follow certain health eating tips to lose weight fast naturally.

Hey, are you diabetic? Do you worry about what to eat and what not to eat ? Don’t worry we are here to help you with your diabetic diet chart.! Do you know that your diabetes diet chart for woman and men is simply a healthy eating plan which will help you control your blood sugar ! Here’s help getting started from what, how much, & when to eat ! Our diabetes diet plan for the woman can help you decide on the foods you can choose to eat at  breakfast, meals & snack times.

Nutrition In your 50’s – the youth for old age

  • Check about your menopause

Discuss with your doctor regarding menopause symptoms. It is a crucial stage for every woman to cross over. It is after which you have to take utmost care of your body.

  • Take care of your heart

A woman is safe from any heart disorder until menopause, as estrogen protects you so long. After menopause, it is .very essential for you to stay vigilant about your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.       

Nutrition In your 60’s – Golden period of life

  • Check your bone density

It is a must to check your bone density when have stepped foot into your 60’s. There could be many reasons for you to have osteoporosis especially if you have a family history of it. Also, check regarding your dietary intake with your doctor.  You will also be asked to take supplements if necessary.

  • Regularize walking

If you are extremely fit, then you can do an intense physical activity, up to your comfort level. However, walking is the best physical activity which you can practice daily.

Well, do you think that you can just reduce the size of your waist without any workout / walking / exercises then you are absolutely wrong. Never ever think this way. Because, when you work out your body fat becomes less and the metabolism rate increases.

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  • Dietary intake

Avoid nonvegetarian food and convert to a vegetarian lifestyle. You can have a minimal quantity of fish or other seafood if it does not cause allergy to you.

Nutrition In your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – the countdown begins

A study says that who exercise regularly  or follow better women’s health and fitness tips in their 70’s are found to live longer than those who don’t. Stay healthy and be happy seeing your next generation grow up.

Thus, following the above healthy eating tips can help your body attain all the nutrients it requires.

With the present lifestyle changes, the average life expectancy of human beings keeps reducing. To live a life without causing burden to anyone, it is always best to remember and follow according to the saying that ‘Health is Wealth’.!


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