Give A Try With These Easy Yoga Poses For Diabetes

easy yoga poses for diabetes

Easy Yoga Poses for Diabetes

If all that twisting and twitching could help you with your diabetes than would you have practiced it? Perhaps, yes. At least, it would have saved you from taking medicines that if taken largely possesses a long-term side-effect. Well, think about a little that the twisting that I mentioned could be rhythmic and had blessed you with benefits others than treating your diabetes. Would you have fallen for it? No doubt, the answer is yes. The good news is that now you actually can seek a solution to your diabetes with somebody movement that is called yoga.

easy yoga poses for diabetes

How Does Yoga Help Prevent or Relieve Diabetes?

Yoga, if performed regularly can definitely help in treating your diabetes. It helps the body control its blood sugar by improving the blood circulation. The only thing that you need while performing yoga is dedication and patience because if you are thinking to see the results within a week or two then you bear some disappointment. Although, yoga bears amazing results but you must wait for few months. easy yoga poses for diabetes

At least, this remedy is thousand times better than taking medicines and following precautions. Moreover, practicing yoga daily bear other benefits also. Now, all lies up to you whether you are going to stick to medicines or practice the healthy yoga. However, you can keep diabetes under control, by practicing these simple yet easy yoga poses for a diabetes check.

Here We Go With Simple And Easy Yoga Poses for Diabetes 


Also called, as child’s pose, this asana is a great stress buster. Other than diagnosing your diabetes, it helps to stretch your hips, thighs, ankles and relieve stress and fatigue. Moreover, if feeling pain in lower back then also this asana is a great choice.
In order to make the pose, sit with your legs folded and hands facing and parallel to each other in the air. With your back straight, bring the hands slowly in front of you on the floor. Try to touch your chin to the floor. Let your stomach rest on the things and extend your back to elongate it. Hold on for 5 minutes and better if you can do it for some more time.

Can pranayama cure diabetes? – Importance of Pranayama 

It is one of the simplest yoga poses which involves inhaling ad exhaling deeply. It helps the heart oxygenate the blood thus improving overall blood circulation. Moreover, it provides a calming and soothing sensation to the mind and the nerves.
To come to the pose, sit with your legs crossed and back straight.With palm facing upward, place them on your knees and close your eyes. Now inhale deeply and hold for 5 minutes then release slowly. Repeat the process 10 times more.

Setubandhasana – Strike The Perfect Yoga Pose To Cure Diabetes

Besides keeping the blood circulation under control, this pose calms the mind, improves digestion and stretches the neck and the spine.
To perform, lie flat on the floor, exhale and push your body up. Make sure that other than your head till neck and sole of feet, the whole body is lifted up. Fist your hands and place them on each side. Here also, you must keep your back straight. Avoid, if ever you suffered from neck or back injury.

Whichever, asana you pick from the above, make sure that you start withholding for 5 minutes and then take the level up to more than 10 minutes in the later stage. The result will bear only if you perform daily.

easy yoga poses for diabetes


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