Get Rid Of Headaches or Migraine By Practising Mediation Tips And Tricks

meditation tips and tricks

Practice  This 5-minute Meditation Tips And Tricks To Beat Migraine!
A headache is a state of mind in which your brain is either too stressed out or if you are trying to do multiple things at the same time leads to this state. With a high demanding environment, it is very common to have a headache, one should just know how to tackle with it.

meditation tips and tricks

So over the years researchers have been studying the various means of help in case of headaches, they found people practising meditation and yoga  will not only able to recover from normal headaches but it also worked in a migraine, as well. It has been observed that just by practising meditation for just 5 minutes each daily one can develop the skill to control their headache but also lead to lesser and considerably shorter bouts of a headache.

A migraine or A headache they are a neurological disorder that can cause headaches that range from moderate to high-intensity ones.  The pain that one goes through in these headaches only they can understand, during these headaches or migraine attack, one becomes very irritated, very sensitive towards light or noise. Some other common symptoms include vomiting, nausea and pain aggravation due to physical activity.


During a report, it was found out that about 80 million people only in India suffer from Headaches/Migraine, and most of these people are in metro cities.

So here are some easy Meditation Techniques, Meditation Tips and Tricks to fight and finally cure these headaches.

5 Minutes Meditation Tips and Tricks To Cure Headache:

Practise Rhythmic breathing:

This is a very effective way to help those who have had a headache or migraine issues for a very long time and have still not been able to cure them. In that case one of the most effective ways to fight against them, this is also can be a great Beginner Meditation Exercises.

Meditation techniques - overcome headaches

Count slowly to five as you inhale, and then count slowly to five as you exhale. As you exhale slowly try to focus on your body as it wills naturally relaxes.      

Deep breathing:

Breathing is not only about taking in oxygen and realising carbon dioxide, it has been scientifically proven that deep breathing helps our body to recover from a lot of health issues and also is one of the main Meditation Techniques for curing the headache or a migraine. All that you need to do is to fill the air from the abdomen and then let it out like a balloon being deflating, with every long, slow exhalation that makes you feel more relaxed.

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meditation tips and tricks

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