What Are The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Fast At Home

lose weight fast

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Fast In 7 days Naturally

A few months ago my school friends showed up at my place after a very long time and we decided to go on a five days trip to a hill station. This reunion with my friends made me nostalgic and all our memories revived within no time. But at the same time, one thing worried me a lot. Before starting our trip I decided to buy some new clothes for myself and when I ordered a pair of denim for myself I realized that I have increased my waist size by 3 inches. This was a shock for me and I immediately decided to take some measures to stop my weight gain and also to lose weight fast in one week. I opted for a strict schedule of hardcore training and a diet plan for seven days and it really helped me a lot to shed out the excess weight from my body and made me look skinny and well toned.

A lot of people think that skipping meals and staying hungry can reduce their weight but such people are absolutely wrong. Staying hungry reduces the metabolism rate and when the metabolism rate is slow our body burns lesser calories and in spite of losing weight, we end up adding more flesh to our body. The best way to lose weight fast is to follow a diet plan that was made by the General Motors. Yes, you read it right; it was the car company who made the best diet plan to reduce weight in the fastest way.

Secret Sauce Revealed : Here’s Free 7 day Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast At Home

The GM Diet plan was basically made by the car company for their employees to feel skinnier and healthier. For the people who are looking for instant results like I did a few months ago this diet plan is the best of all. It is a seven-day scheme wherein the person has to simply eat the below-mentioned foodstuff in order to perfectly reduce his weight instantly.

On the very first day of the General Motors Diet Plan, it is recommended to eat only fruits and nothing else. It can be any fruit but one must try to avoid bananas and bananas are used to gain weight.

On the second day, one has to just consume whole vegetables. Now the consumption of fruits is stopped and only focus is on vegetables.

The next day, i.e. the third day, the diet plan suggests combining the fruits and the vegetables to be consumed. One can eat the vegetables and the fruits as a salad but remember to avoid bananas and potatoes.

Now your body has started to adjust and consume lesser amount of calories as it required earlier. Therefore on the fourth day of the diet, the person just has to eat bananas and take a few glasses of milk with them. Please note that no sugar is to be added to the milk or you might end up ruining everything.

The fifth day is a cheat day for you where you can consume a lot of tomatoes or if you are a nonvegetarian you may go for beef. Along with this, a cup of rice can also be added to your menu.

On the second last day of the week, it is suggested to take a lot of amount of proteins in the form of vegetables. By the end of the day, you will realise that you are now comparatively lighter than before.

The seventh day is also a great day for you as you are supposed to eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables along with brown rice that is rich in protein. What is special this day is that you have to consume as many glasses of fruit juice as you can. (Not to forget juices are to be taken only without added sugar)

The diet plan is really effective but only when you increase your water intake. You have to drink at least 12-15 glasses of water each day of the GM diet plan or else you might dehydrate and harm your body.  Especially on the 5th day where you have to consume tomatoes, it is really recommended that you drink a lot of water that day.

Along with the above diet plan, the following measures can be adopted:

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Increase the intake of proteins; it helps you to lose those extra fats 

In order to reduce weight quickly, one must include protein as the magical ingredient in his diet. Proteins tremendously increase the metabolism rate in the body and helps to cut weight. The major sources of proteins for the vegetarians are dairy products, beans, tofu, nuts, seeds, peas, etc. and for the people who are nonvegetarians – eggs, fish, mutton, beef, bacon and chicken are the best sources.

lose weight fast

Know how to reduce sugar level naturally at home

The main reason for the accumulated fats in our body is the level of added sugar. Reducing the level of sugars in our body will ultimately end up reducing the fat level and hence make us skinny and good looking.

Plan your schedule and do not over exercise, it makes you feel tired and exhausted

Going to a gym for one hour a day or doing cardio for half on the hour a day is more than sufficient in order to reduce weight. Over exercising never helps someone to lose weight. It is a myth that working hard on the machines will burn more calories but an excess of something would make you physically and mental unfit and cause a disturbance in your day’s schedule.

Miscellaneous options to try, they definitely contribute to lose weight fast and safer 

Apart from the major things to do, there are a lot of ways like drinking more coffee and water, eating whole fruits and vegetables, using smaller plates to eat, avoiding outside packed foodstuff and other such tips that help to lose weight fast. These are the additional measures that can be taken care of along with the main steps one has to follow.

lose weight fast

I really suggest the GM Diet plan to all the people who are looking to lose weight fast and within a week and I bet that there is nothing better than this! But  on the other hand, one must not harm his body thinking to lose weight within a week. We must always have patience and believe in ourselves and work hard to reduce or weight and keep ourselves in the pink.




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