5 Types Of Meditation – Find The Best Meditation Techniques For You !

meditation techniques

How to Meditate : Here are 5 Meditation Techniques, Benefits & Beginner’s Guide For Newbies

There was a time when my life was completely imbalanced and I felt that everything around me was annoying and disturbing. Even the people around me irritated me a lot. I shared this problem to one of my teachers and he suggested me to go for meditation. I took his advised on a lighter note but when nothing worked for me, I followed his words and started to learn about and practice meditation. Then I found that there were so many techniques and ways on which you can meditate. Each person, himself, has to find out the correct way in which he is best comfortable and start practicing it. I found out that there are five main ways in which you can meditate and feel fresh and energetic after it. I would love to share these with you.

meditation techniques

Meditation that focuses on your breath, the most common form

Almost every one of us has either tried this or heard about this from someone. This type of meditation is really very common and it is done by sitting in the correct posture with legs crossed and eyes closed. This meditation is done by concentrating on the breathing process.  It basically helps to remove the anxieties out of the human body. While you breathe in, you must take all the positive energy from the surroundings inside you and while you breathe out, all the tensions and negative thoughts from your body and mind must be removed.  When practiced on a regular basis this type of simple meditation is really beneficial and can bring tremendous results.

Meditation Techniques according to the Hindu mythology – the Mantra Meditation

A mantra is a word or a phrase that helps to focus your attention on a single set of thoughts. It keeps the mind away from other distractions and helps to increase the concentration power of an individual. The vibrations that come out by pronouncing the words of the mantra create a great impact on our concentration level. The sitting posture in this type of meditation remains the same as it is for the breathing meditation. This type of meditation is usually done by the people who are unable to focus their attention by concentrating on their breath. People believe that the mantra binds them at one place and hence they are able to stay calm in a better way.

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The kindness and loving meditation, making us more generous and forgetful

Very often we develop negative feelings for the people who does wrong to us either consciously or unconsciously. Even for the slightest thing, our ego is hurt and then we try to take revenge from such persons. If you feel the same at times, this type of meditation is perfect for you.  When you practice this, you will begin to notice the changes within you from a very short period of time. To practice this type of meditation techniques there are a few sentences that you must repeat to yourself. These are, “May I be happy, may I be at ease. May I be safe, may I be well.” When you have said these lines a number of times, you have to replace the word “I” with “You” thinking about those persons who have caused some harm to you either knowingly or unknowingly and after doing this you should say these lines in general by replacing the word “You” with “We”. Trust me! These magical lines will make you more compassionate and a kind heartens person. If you feel that you are not comfortable in speaking these lines, there are various audio files of the same on the internet. Just play those and start meditating. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living foundation is the most prominent personality among us who has taken the concept of loving meditation techniques to a new height. He has been promoting world peace with his meditation courses and camps.

meditation techniques for beginners

The visualization meditation techniques that helps to fulfill your goals and desires

This type of meditation techniques is done by people who are longing for something. The meditation process is very simple and the correct way to do it is to imagine the outcomes, supposing that the thing that you want is with you. A person just has to sit in the same manner as he does for the other meditations and start thinking about it. This type of meditation needs good imagination power. It is really important that the person assumes that he has accomplished his desire and the imagination must be as real as possible. The best thought that a person can focus on is assuming that his body and mind are completely healthy, fresh and full of energy. When a person thinks in the same manner, he automatically feels the energy and the outcome are amazing. The body is therefore rejuvenated and all the tiredness vanishes away. Similarly thinking about something else that you want and what pleases you, will make you comfortable happy and eventually your health will improve.

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The Guided meditation, another popular way of meditating

These days a number of meditation teachers, yoga gurus, fitness trainers and wellness experts have come ahead to teach the meditation process to millions of people all over the world. There are a lot of people who meditate under the guidance of some other person. In this type of meditation, a person instructs the other person as to what and how to imagine and do his meditation. There are a lot of audios and videos that are available which usually helps people to develop their meditation skills and concentrate in a better way. Many people often go to special meditation centers to meditate with a group of other people as guided mediation.

There are other meditation techniques too, that different people prefer. But as mentioned earlier, the above five methods are the most popular ones. But you must remember one thing; no method of meditation is correct or incorrect. The only thing that matters in mediation is that while you meditate you must feel relaxed and stress-free. Another thing for the beginners is that you must never try to push it too hard, just keep it simple and enjoy every moment of it!

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