Diabetes Diet Plan : Facts about What, How Much, & When To Eat!

diabetes diet plan

Healthy Diabetes Diet Plan For Diabetic Patients

Are you Diabetic…??? Are you constantly in the trials to reduce your Blood Sugar levels through Diet..? What to eat and What not to eat, is this your question…??

We are here…!! Stop worrying about being Diabetic, and diabetic is nothing to do or feel deprived of taking in proper food…!!

Living with Diabetic involves taking in healthy food in proper proportions helps you to control diabetes.

Study On Diabetics 

Diabetes is caused because, the Pancreas do not secrete enough insulin / cells that is required by the body. There are three stages / types of diabetes namely:

diabetes diet plan

Type 1 Diabetes :

The reason is Pancreas’s do not produce enough Insulin, the form was known as ‘Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus’ (IDDM) previously or in other terms ‘Juvenile Diabetic ;

Cause – The reason is unknown.

Type 2 Dietetics:

Reference to insulin resistance, where cells fail in responding to insulin correctly. Previously this was known as ‘Non-dependent Diabetes Mellitus’ (NIDDM) or in other terms ‘Adult-onset diabetes‘. As the disease progresses insulin production also comes down.

Cause – Due to the excessive weight of Body and no proper exercise.

Gestational Diabetes:

Third type of Diabetes that creates the high blood-sugar level.

Cause – seen in pregnant women without the history of family diabetes.

diabetes diet plan

Diabetes Diet Plan (Sugar – level) And Weight Loss Methods (for the same)

Diabetes is to be controlled  through food and weight loss exercises as research is made through studies and suggestion of professional Doctors. Individuals need to follow a pattern of foods and which needs to be scheduled as meal charts for the routine purpose.

The diabetic patient diet chart is going to be more challenging along with weight loss programme

Being in the right frame of weight is a primary matter of concern for diabetic patients.

Be it type 1 DM, 2DM or Gestational Diabetes, the calories intake needs to be monitored along with which the food, in reality, is not be avoided completely.

Here is an Indian Diet plan for Diabetic patients to control blood sugar levels plus increase your fibre & Nutrition intake.

What To Eat And How Much To Eat? | What Can I Eat If I Have Diabetes? –  Diabetes Diet Plan

Time of Day Food Items Quantity
Early Morning Seeds of Fenugreek with one cup of water
Tea (Sugarless) 1cup
Diet Biscuits (Marie) 2
Breakfast Any Stuffed paratha(Methi/Palak/Bottle gourd) 2 Parathas
Yogurt / Curd 1 small cup
or Egg white / Paneer curry 1 cup medium
Plain Pulkas (Oil free routines) 2 small
or Upma / oats/ vegetable poha 1 medium bowl
Mid-day items Fruits (Guava / Apple / Orange) – slightly sugarless 1 fruit
Lunch Salad (15 minutes before lunch) 1 Medium Bowl
Curry (Capsicum+ cauliflower veg ) 1 medium bowl
Dal (Lentils) 1 soup bowl
Oil free pulkas 2 medium sized
Snak Time (Evening) Green Tea / lemon water/ herbal Tea / Milk(Sugar-free) 1 cup
Puffed Rice + Roasted chickpeas 1 bowl medium
Dinner time Salad (10mints prior to dinner) 1 small bowl
Oil free pulkas 2 medium sized
Curry (Bottle gourd + Bitter gourd) good for diabetes 1 cup
Yogurt / Curd 1 cup
Late Night Skimmed milk 1 Glass without sugar

The Diabetes Diet Plan and weight loss chart mentioned above is just a sample generalized format. The Indian Diabetes Diet Plan and weight loss plan needs to be designed according to the patient’s medical conditions, as they would require following a slightly different intake.

diabetes diet plan

Type 1 DM, 2 DM or GD Diet Plan That Can Be Followed By Diabetic Patient – (Diabetes Diet Plan)

In general, terms let’s see what diet or intakes of food can be taken by a diabetic patient:

Cereals and Grains – fibre rich foods should be included in diabetes diet plan. Consumption of whites such as Noodles or pasta can be eaten if they are accompanied with Sprouts or Vegetables.

    • oats
    • millets
    • Whole Grains
    • Wheat flour
  • Milk – A perfect combination of Protein and Carbohydrates, that acts a good controller of blood sugar levels. Milk can be taken twice in a day.
  • Vegetable with high fibres like beans, peas, spinach / Broccoli, Leafy vegetables Should be included for at least one meal in a day.
  • Pulses (have a less effect on blood glucose compared to other Carbohydrates of food) with Sprouts, husk etc are good for health and is the best option for diet.
  • Vegetables are said to have rich fibre content and balances the Blood Sugar levels.
  • Fats – should be taken as part of Diabetes diet plan, as they are good for the body.


 Eg: Omega 3


Natural Sources of Fats – canola Oil, Fatly Fish, Nuts and Flax seed oil.

Which are low in Cholesterol and free from trans fats.

Fruits: High Fibre fruits that are necessary

  • Papaya
  • Orange
  • apple
  • pear
  • guava

Fruits not to take –

  • Mangoes,
  • bananas
  • Grapes

Diabetes Diet for Indians should include carbohydrates, Fats, and proteins. A Planned and Balance diet will help construct and improvise individuals personal Health.

‘A good Cook can add life to a diet…!!!!’

How Can A Diabetes Diet Plan Be Used For Better Control Of Blood Sugar?

Diet Plan For Diabetic Patients With Kidney Diseases: 

Key points to control diabetes and kidney disease:  In Brief –

  • Eat 6 meals a day with right quantities and regular intervals of time
    If in case not able to have proper meal, at least, make sure to have right snacks (Especially when on dialysis every day)
  • Avoid sugary food and beverages such as sweets, soda’s, carbonated drinks, desserts, jams, honey, candies etc.
  • Regular physical activities have to be done
  • Glucose meter needs to be used as said by Doctors by maintaining diet & medication which can have an effect on blood glucose level all day long.

Blood Sugar Level Should Be Maintained As Directed By Professional Doctors:

CKD may increase the risk on low blood sugar. In such case, the doctor advises reducing the dosage of insulin or another hypoglycemic agent. Keep the doctor informed of all the calculations of the test so that proper treatment can be given. If on Dialysis, control of blood sugar will help reduce thirst & fluid intake. If on Kidney Transplant & anti-rejection medications, patients need increased dose of insulin / another hypoglycemic agent. Doctors prescription on the increase of insulin intake is a must.

Foods To Taking On The Diabetes and Kidney Diseases All together

  • Low Potassium with low phosphorus according to doctors prescription needs to be followed.
  • Limit in dairy and milk
  • Less Salt or substitutes of salt intake must be followed.
  • If delayed to see a doctor, it is better to follow a controlled diet based on Kidney disease issue instead of clubbing the Diet for Diabetes and Kidney disease.

Diet Chart for Diabetes Patients With Kidney Problems

The food and beverages that are to be by individuals with diabetics and kidney problems, where breakfast, lunch and dinner have to be taken in right quantities and mainly at regular intervals of time.


The food & Beverages that are mentioned below keeping in mind of diabetic patients affected with Kidney Problems.
Nutritious advice and Doctors suggestion are a must before taking in a step further to overcome side effects.

diabetes diet plan
1.Fruits :
Good to take – Apples, Plums, Berries
Avoid – Mangoes, Kiwi, oranges, pomegranate

2.Vegetable :
Good to Taking – Cauliflower, Asparagus, Turnips, Onions, eggplants,
Avoid – Hotdogs, Meat lunch, Nuts, Pepperoni

3.Drinks (Keep in mind drink restrictions)
good to take – Water, Clean Diet soda, Unsweetened Tea
Avoid – Alcohol, Carbonated drinks, sugar teas, Sundays desserts & Drinks

4. Starches :
Good for Taking – White Food like bread, maida, Pasta, Noodles
Avoid – Sugar caused cereals, cakes, biscuits, potato chips

5.Poultry :
Good to take – Cuts of meat, Fish, eggs, seafood, low cholesterol eggs cheese

As we have seen what to eat and what are not to eat, the Nutritious diet plan and advice are musts at the same time. Nutritionist help gives us a Diabetes and Kidney Friendly diet to keep things under control.

As such there is no set diet chart for diabetic patients with Kidney Problems as, the diet plan varies from individual to individual on the type of Diabetes they stand in. At the same time, it also depends on, if the patient is under dialysis or had a kidney transplant etc. For all this, it is the best option to consult a doctor in first hand who can diagnose your blood sugar levels and relate it to a kidney problem, so that they can prescribe accordingly. This visiting also needs to be followed by the advice of a nutritionist at regular intervals to keep a track on personal health. We can also conclude saying that, taking in Fibre-rich foods will complete the whole idea of Diet Plan for Diabetes patients with Kidney Problems.

This is because Fibre rich food contains moderate amount of Potassium & Phosphorous in them (Source: barley, Green beans, Cauliflower, apples, bell peppers etc)

The pain taken in customizing the eating pattern for Kidney disease will have an impact on the whole body. This is because the diabetes diet plan must have already been injected into your brains and you know what to eat and what not to eat by now.


You can leave your suggestions and feedback to us, which are always welcome…..!!!! See you all soon with more of interesting talks on Health :) 😛 😉 !!!!!


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