Celebrate Diabetes Friendly Diwali – Enjoy Your Portions Of Sweet (Diabetic Patients)


Hey…Diabetes should not be a show stopper for you from enjoying a sweet Diwali. Celebrate this festive season with these simple tips. But before you let that dampen the spirit of the festive celebrations, consider these eight healthy tips to make Diwali diabetes-friendly.

Diwali is one of the biggest festival in India, which is celebrated with the lights (crackers), sweets and yummy food in the home. While everyone want to celebrate this festival with family.

But For Diabetic Patients, celebrating Diwali may sound difficulty when you have to control eating sweets!!! If you are suffering from diabetes and wish to celebrate “ Diwali” with much joy follow these simple tips.

Choose Sweets Which Are Natural Sweeteners

As Diwali is the festival of joy and yummy food ! Now you need not wait…and diet on for eating sweets…any more!!!

Diwali Diabetic Free

So, if you intake these traditional sweets which are full of sugar, which can create havoc on your blood sugar levels. In order to reduce this difficulty, choose the sweets which are natural sweeteners ( figs,  dates)!

As we all know An jeer is healthy and safe for diabetic patients (because it is rich in calcium and they are good sources of fiber.)

As and when compared to traditional sweets, sweets with (Natural sweeteners) are good for health and they reduce your sugar levels too.

Healthy Cooking – Simple Ways to Live Better  &  Eat Better

You can still enjoy by eating loads of  yummy sweets during Diwali, by just making few changes in cooking. Just make slight changes in your cooking style:

Diabetic Free Diwali Celebrations

Make simple changes: Instead of deep frying use air frying. This helps to consume less calories and reduces your cholesterol levels.

Plan Your Healthy Meals

You can keep your healthy in a long way and your sugar level is in control by planning your meals well. Take fruits or small meals at regular intervals of time to maintain sugar level, apart from that before going to dinner take light snack like a salad or bowl of soup.you should choose your food options carefully they can avoid fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, drink plenty of water throughout the day it keeps your digestive system working properly.

Take A Look At the Sample Diet plan For Diabetic Patients:

Sample Diet plan For Diabetic Patients

Early morning



 Milk, Egg sandwich/Vegetable oats + Curd/ Besan cheese + Toast

Mid morning

Fruits and coconut water or buttermilk


   Chapathis/Brown rice vegetable + curd/ dal / paneer/ chicken + salad


Fruit Roasted chana and murmured chat /vegetable Idli/ Dhokla


Vegetable soup chapati vegetable dal/ Green salad



Control Your Alcohol Consumption

Diwali is a time for celebration and most people celebrated this festival by consuming alcohol. Drinking alcohol can cause to increase the calorific value. Consuming alcohol leads to reduce the blood sugar level, hence for diabetes it will create more risk. If you want to maintain the blood sugar level then you must control the alcohol consumption.

Don’t Skip Your Daily Workout

In general for festivals all of us feel relaxed after partying. But as exercise is essential for diabetic patients don’t neglect your workouts. Do exercises and maintain your sugar levels.

Diwali is a time where varieties of mithai, fried foods are served and now there’s no difficulty for any diabetic individual to take their utmost care (diet).


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