How Can I Begin My Daily Meditation Practice ?

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Here’s How You Can Begin Your Daily Meditation Practice ?

When I was in my school days, we used to meditate daily in the morning assembly for 15 minutes. At that time, meditation was a funny concept for me and all my friends. We hardly took meditation on a serious note and always made fun of it. But as I grew older I started to feel the need for meditating and at the age of 27, I started meditating on a regular basis.  From the last 10 years, I have been enjoying the fruits of meditation and my life has completely changed. I feel more energetic, confident, fresh and enthusiastic. Only by meditating for 15 – 20 minutes daily, I have increased my patience level and I feel so blessed for living such a balanced life. After having a great past experience I advise everyone to start meditating because meditation is the only part of the day where we can learn about and analyze ourselves. So if you also want to live a life that I have been living for the past 10 years do not worry about doing it the right way, just do it and for you to start here are some tips for you:

Find out the reason for your meditation, and try to focus on that goal

Different people meditate with different aims. Some people try to self-introspect themselves, some try to boost their creativity, some try to think and analyze their past and the future, some wants to remember and thank God for everything he has done for them. There are a lot of other reasons too as to why people sit in silence and meditate. Once your goal is set you must move ahead for starting your mindfulness meditation procedure.

Locate a peaceful and a silent place where you want to sit and relax

How To Start And Get Introduced To Meditation

Starting your mindfulness meditation procedure is all about relaxing your body and soul. It helps to rejuvenate our bodies and helps to cure certain diseases by just sitting and relaxing.  The place where you want to meditate clearly depends on upon person to person. Some people prefer a park with loads of greenery all around and some people meditate in their own bedroom because they feel more relaxed there.

Sit in a comfortable position and forget all the tensions and worries

A person who wants to meditate must sit in a comfortable position and wear comfortable clothes. Clothes should not be well fitted and should not be too loose. They must not cause a problem in the sitting position for meditating and keep you relaxed and tension free. For starting your mindfulness meditation procedure , you have to sit straight either with legs crossed or on the knees. You have to join the index fingers with the thumb very gently. It is really beneficial to keep the eyes closed because it helps to concentrate even better.

Open up during the mindfulness meditation process, take in the positive energies and throw away the negative ones

While meditating, it is really important that you take control of your breadth and while breathing inlet all the fresh air go inside you with all the energies present outside and while you breathe out it is important that you fling away all the negative thoughts from your mind that hampers your balance. Please make a mark as to smoothly concentrate on the breadth and you should never force it. Just try to breathe in and out naturally.

Remember – the more you do it, the better you get at it

While you are trying to get lost in the world of energies, never think whether you are doing it the right way or nor? Just keep yourself relaxed and enjoy each second of the meditation. Forget about the world around you and just focus on your inner self. Try to talk to yourself and find solutions to all the problems that you are facing. Try to evaluate yourself and find things that are incorrect in your life and look out for measures to correct them. Everything that you do is correct, till you are settling down yourself and enjoying the moments. Always keep a little smile on your face

Meditation Practice

Conclude your meditation by rubbing your palms and feeling the heat

After you are completely relaxed and fresh, just quickly rub your palms and feel the heat generated by it on your eyes, mouth, nose and everywhere else on your body. This is an important thing to do as people believe that most of the energy is stored in your palms because of the joining of the index finger and the thumb. So by doing this, you transfer the energy to your body parts so that you may feel energetic. After this, as you focus your attention towards your surroundings, you start to feel unsullied and pure.

Today, meditation is regaining its importance that was lost a number of years ago from the time of Swami Vivekananda. We see that there are a number of yoga gurus and spiritual leaders all over the world that have brought back the concept of meditation and are promoting it wholeheartedly. One such prominent personality is Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living, a special organization with a primary aim to give people a stress-free life. There are more that 40,000 villages all over the world where Sri have made his and his organization’s presence. He has introduced various kinds of meditation programs for his followers and which are practiced by more than 10 million people.

So don’t just waste your time and from now onwards make a routine to start your day with meditation. Although the time at which you want to meditate is completely up to you, most people prefer to do it early in the morning because then you get that energy that helps you to run throughout the day. Just keep in mind, do it the way you like and the way you feel relaxed and never ever worry whether you are doing it the right way or not!

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