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 Yoga Poses For Stress Management By Baba Ramdev

” Yoga Poses For Stress Management  ” ! yes, our article will take you to the deep root level covering – causes, symptoms, prevention measures of stress. Hey, never let stress get the best of you! Always Start your day off right with the simple yoga sequence for beginners. Do you know – Yoga is the best way of relieving stress and is featured as the best tip for fighting depression and anxiety.

Let’s Understand What Stress is ?


These days, stress has become so common that you might hear the word stress from every other person. However, the question arises is what actually is stress? Well, when a large pressure explodes in mind and we spend so much time in thinking about it, we ultimately put ourselves into the stress zone. When suffering from stress, we tend to feel that everything has become so much to bear and we are not able to take the pressure. In short, stress is always accompanied with negativities.

Causes of stress And How Can Yoga Poses For Stress management Help You Relieve Stress ?

Stress never comes from outside. For many people, it comes from outside but if we see clearly then we will find that it is something that always come from you. For instance, you would complain of stress when a large burden is out over your head. Meeting with the goal in a short deadline do causes stress but still, I would say that it is you that is carving the way for stress. There are people who remain calm and composed and never experience something like stress. Therefore, stress if not let emerged is nothing but tiredness which when shaped with negativities causes multiple problems. Therefore, if you’re looking for the medicine of stress then need you not to go out but find it in yourself. Few causes that make you shape stress are:

  • Emotional problems
  • Health problems
  • Hectic lifestyle
  • Either you are your near and dear suffering from some problem which you are a part of
  • Living in surrounding where there is pollution, crime and overcrowded
  • Being unhappy with life
  • Unemployment being the biggest factor of stress that can drag people even till death.
  • Trauma that you are finding very hard to deal with like rape

yoga poses for stress management

Symptoms Of Stress

Stress does not come all of a sudden. Like every other disease, it showed some signs of its emergence. The only difference is that if not treated it may become bigger and bigger in a short span of time. Down here are mentioned few signs of stress. Whenever you feel that you are giving too much time to your thought and experiencing such problems, start seeking stress remedy.

  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Pain in chest
  • Sweat

 Complications That Arises Due To Stress

In case, you are not able to deal with stress in the initial stages and it goes beyond control then you may deal with a number of a problem as mentioned down here. To let it from reaching a stage where you have to deal with such complications, you must find out a solution to this. You can either deal it with your own way or seek the methods to revoke stress.

  • Rise in blood pressure
  • Slowing down of digestive system’s functioning
  • Rise in the rate of heart beat
  • Muscles start becoming tense
  • We reach the stage of insomnia
  • Eventually, our immune system gets affected badly

How Yoga poses For Stress management Can Kick Off All Your Stress And Anxiety ?

let us take a look at the different best measure to heal your stress easily..!

Natural Home Remedies For Stress

Now that we know that stress if not put to the halt at the primary stage can turn into a very big problem later. Unfortunately, not every one of us is lucky to have realized this thing and save ourselves from its wrath. However, need you not to lose hope because it is a problem that comes with a cure. A cure that doesn’t empty your pockets instead shapes your determination and tests your willpower to overcome it. Yes, I am not talking about medicine but a natural remedy that all of you might have heard of. It is yoga and meditation. If you are doubting its efficiency then you must look into the sands of time and discover yourselves how great saint reached enlightenment through meditation and their daily exercise that largely comprised of yoga poses.

Is Yoga Good For Stress Relief?

Asking this question at the first stage is insane because the emergence and effectiveness of yoga have attained the global touch in such a way that the existence of people denying its potential seems unbelievable. Coming in three stage – beginner, intermediate and advanced, yoga has its something in its kitty for every one of us. Still if you ask – is yoga good for stress relief? Then I must say, try it and then see how quickly your stress unfriends you. Besides, practicing yoga can bestow a number of benefits like flexibility, rectifying the body disorders and many other.

How Do You Think Yoga poses For Stress Management Calms Down Your Mind ?

Now that you are aware of the potential of yoga while dealing with stress, I am sure that you must seek it as a remedy but do you know how you have to start and what type of poses should you chose? Well, other than practicing yoga itself, this is an even more difficult task especially for a beginner but do not worry, I am here to put a brake to your worry and introduce you to few such poses that you can practice overcoming stress. No matter a beginner or advanced practitioner, these simple yet effective yoga poses for stress management can be practiced regardless of your stage.


This one is easy and can be said a blend of meditation and yoga. Although easy to perform but the benefits are great. It promotes groundedness and restores inner calm which includes amplifying the stage of serenity, eliminating anxiety, relieve mental and physical exhaustion, lengthens your spine and open up your hips.

To practice, sit with back straight and knees bend just like in the lotus pose. Focus on a deep breath for at least 60 seconds. Perform 2 minutes with utter dedication and deep involvement.


Also known as seated forward bend, this asana is meant for intermediate or advanced but beginners having a flexible body can perform it easily. Beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, this yoga pose has other benefits also like stretching the spine, lower back, reducing fatigue and stimulating digestive functioning.

Sit down with legs stretched in front of you. Now try to touch your toe with your hand. Make sure that you don’t bend your knees and back. These pose will create pain in the knees and pain but once practiced, you will feel active and stress relieved.

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This pose has the other name as child’s pose and is one of the easiest technique for one to learn – yoga poses for stress management . When practicing this pose, you feel total relaxation and stress giving up. Moreover practicing it daily bring a calming effect and relief from body pain.

To come into the pose, sit on your bend knees. Keep the back straight and raise your arms slowly in the air. Now bring both the lifted arms forward to touch the ground. Make sure that your nose is touching the floor and your back is kept straight. Stay in this pose for at least 5 minutes.

Salamba Sirshasana

This pose is also known as supported headstand. In this pose, you have to stand with the support of your head that is beneficial for calming the brain and strengthening the body. Moreover, this pose relieves anxiety, reverses the blood flow and forces you to concentrate on your breath. This pose is an easy task for advanced but beginner also can practice it against the wall.

Sit in the child’s pose as mentioned above and bend your elbows to make a reverse V. keep your head in between the arms and lift your entire body up in the air. Once lifted, try to keep it straight for 4-5 minutes.


The easier this pose looks, the more benefits it has. It is a pose for total relaxation. If you were thinking of yoga as something that comprised of difficult poses, you probably are wrong because yoga has poses like Savasana also that are not anybody’s cup of tea. Moreover, this pose resembles the posture when you are very much stressed and throw yourself on your bed or lie on the floor.

In this pose, you have not much to do but simply lie down on the ground with both legs and arms wide open. Lie down as if you don’t care about anyone and are so tired. While opening your arms, your palms should be facing up and ankles should be falling outwards. Allow each breath to reach deeper inside and feel like your body is melting. Stay in this poses for 5 minutes as this pose involves not much physical labor, so you can stay for more time also.

How to properly meditate to relieve stress?

It is a time when you must seek meditation also for erasing stress. Although yoga is an excellent option for stress removal but not many like to involve in much of physical labor while dealing with stress. Therefore, no need to give up because the option of mediation is still open for you. Making you not much to do, meditation has its own method of dealing with stress. It is not just sitting in the same pose and keeping silent for some time, it probably has more in its meaning. It is about maintaining concentration and think optimistically. To know more about how to meditate properly to relieve stress, read the following guidelines.

  • Make sure that you perform it regularly at the exact time.
  • Choosing a quiet place for meditation helps you practice it better.
  • Although, meditation involves sitting in the lotus pose but many are comfortable with the pose. Therefore, sit in a comfortable pose with back straight.
  • Keep the eyes closed, neck and shoulder relaxed and spine erect.
  • Many people chant “OM” while meditation. It brings a sense of tranquility and calmness. You can prefer doing the same or rather sit silently with mind concentration on one single thing that is a reality.
  • Make sure that you practice it empty stomach but push yourself to the extent that you practice it hungry as it will gain you nothing but more appetite and lack of concentration. Therefore, practice when you have no appetite and stomach also balanced. Take deep breaths and concentrate on reality rather than thinking about the future.
  • Bear a gentle smile on your face and when you complete open eyes slowly and gently.

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Meditation for stress and depression

Now that you are well-acquainted with the correct method of meditation, you must start practicing it. It is proved that meditation is a great remedy for stress removal. When stress exceeds beyond control, we plunge ourselves into depression zone where people prefer to be alone and silent with no interaction with the outside world. Who would have realized that human thinking could exceed to such harsh stage where one secludes oneself from the outside world. But, everything comes with a cure. Doesn’t matter how cruel stress and depression can be but it is a meditation that has the answer to these. Its deep calming effect and the sense of peace, when realized, can heal not just stress and depression but any problem of the world. Therefore, instead of knowing meditation for stress and depression, it should be known for the reliever of all problems in the world.

Guided meditation for stress

Now that you are already aware of the technique of meditation, there is still one thing that you must know, i.e. the feeling towards meditation. It would be an injustice to look at something so priceless with the eyes of just a remedy. Therefore, rather than performing mediation, try to woe mediation. It will make you practice it correctly and in the correct technique. Don’t think of it as your daily routine but think of it as an important meeting that can decide the course of your life if you don’t succeed. There need not much to say about it because some things are better left to be explored.

Now that you are aware of stress, consequences and the ways of dealing it, share your own experience of how you managed to pull yourself off stress and which one you preferred yoga or meditation. Be the ray of light for other and help thousand many like you overcome stress. Moreover, your opinions are equally important about guided meditation for stress and yoga poses for stress management are equally important.

yoga poses for stress management


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