Can I Lose weight fast With Homemade Recipes ?

lose weight fast naturally with home remedies

For Consistent Weight Loss Try These Simple Recipes | The amazing homemade recipes to lose weight are just here!

Well, nothing is as good as the home is. And nothing is as good as the way the home made stuff is. Isn’t it? The taste, the purity, the reliability; you just get everything embedded in the home made items. And thus, whenever a choice comes between the home made stuff and any other stuff, regarding food or whatever, almost 90 percent of the population goes to the home made stuff. And, this is literally the best choice that they make! No doubt.

Thus, if you get to know some of the home made recipes lose weight fast you should feel very lucky, for many people in the world are not aware of this information or are of the mindset that they cannot lose weight fast by the home made recipes. But this is exactly not the case. No other exercise or no other food will help you to the extent, up to which the food items made at home will. Therefore, you should always be ready to enhance your knowledge on the same and follow them into your daily routine.

Below is some of the very effective home made recipes that will help you to lose weight quite fastly and easily. Just have a look at them very carefully and then take your decision.

Lemon juice with the black pepper just makes the best combination to lose weight fast and naturally

Well, lemon juice is almost preferred by everyone, especially in summers. What if you get to know that it helps you in your weight loss as well? It will be the icing on the cake, right? Yes, you heard it right! Lemon juice with the black pepper is just the best combination to lose weight fast. On one hand, lemon juice helps a lot in the fast digestion of the food and its breakdown into simpler substances and on the other side, the black pepper contains a compound named piperine, which helps in the breakdown of the fat producing cells with a great speed and easily. Thus, the fat producing cells re generate at a less speed in your body and hence you gain less and slowly. Also, it adds flavor to your buds. What else is required?

lose weight fast

Therefore, prefer to choose lemon juice over the other soft drinks such as Pepsi or coke. It will benefit you a lot more than these harmful soft drinks.

A very light homemade recipe: The rose petal water

Well, though the rose petal water does not directly help you in your weight loss, but indirectly it helps you a lot. What happens in actual sense is that, the rose petal water plays a role of the active diuretic. This diuretic functions by putting an excessive amount of the sodium content, that is, the salt content, into the body, by urine. And then, this excessive salt content in your body pulls out more and more water from your blood. Therefore, the urge to drink more and more water increases in your body, and thus you drink more. And as you know, the more liquid you take the more easily it becomes to lose weight fast.

According to Beth A. Lewis, Associate Professor,  (University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology in Minneapolis) says “Regular yoga practice can influence weight loss”!

lose weight fast

And making rose petal water is the simplest thing that anyone can do at home. Just boil the rose petals and filter the liquid. Refrigerate it for 6-7 days, and then drink it regularly. Just see the amazing results. You yourself will be shocked. Give it a try, for sure!

(Video Credits – Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju)

Apples, apples, and just apples!

Well, you must have observed that many times you undergo from some severe hunger pangs, and it becomes almost impossible for you to control yourself at that point of time. You just eat whatever you see in front of you at that point in time, forgetting about what is healthy and what is not as per your weight loss plan.

Well, what about apples? Try to eat more and more of apple snacks during your hunger pangs. You will be surprised to know, but apples help you to lose weight quite fast. Apples are full of fibers and it will fill you up completely whenever you feel hungry. Thus, the chance of irregular hunger pangs reduces after eating a big apple. Thus, act wisely people!

Would You Like To Know How practicing Yoga poses help you lose weight fast from hips and thighs naturally?

Plain yogurt and honey ! Simply the best In helping you lose weight fast and easily

Well, many people are not aware of this combination. The plain yogurt with some honey can work wonders in your weight loss. Eating this combination during your breakfast or your snacks or even in the dessert is considered to be the best exercise to lose weight.

lose weight fast


The probiotics that are there in the plain yogurt acts very actively in the digestion process and make it happen very fast. And, the faster your digestion process, the faster can you lose weight.

And, if your tongue favors sugar a lot, then add some honey to it. But keep in mind that no extra sugar should be added to your honey.

Just try this combination! It just tastes yummy. Also, it will prove out to be really beneficial in your weight loss plan. No harm, no side effects!

Just half or one cup of yogurt is required with some honey. For more flavors, you can add some oats or fresh fruits. But keep in mind to have just plain yogurt and no other flavor.

All the above-mentioned homemade recipes are very easy to cook and are very economical also. Nobody will find it tough job to make rose petal water, or lemon juice or anything that is mentioned above, right? Once you start following these homemade recopies, and that too in a daily routine, you yourself will notice the good changes in you. You feel more confident and energized because you know that you are doing the right thing. So, just follow the above tips with full seriousness and concentration and success will be yours. You will definitely end up losing weight fast and effectively.

All the very best! Just give your fullest…!!!!



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