5 Things You Must Know About Exercise During Periods Time !

Exercise During Periods

Is Exercise During Periods Good Or Bad ?

How to Exercise During Periods / Menstrual Time?

Are you a workout freak…???  Are you under weight loss program….???

And have you got a question if……………Periods and Exercise can go hand in hand….?

Every study has got its own result on this. Some say it is not right and some say workout is not a hassle for period days. What so ever a simple rule for exercise at this time of periods is, it all depends on the body of the individual.

Exercise During Periods

Do What Your Body Says….!!!!

If your body seems to be cramping, then take a day off (But a day off or two during the cycle can leave a big gap on every month for a week and get you lazy). If you think your body has got the stamina to take the exercise then go ahead happily (Do not stress your body much)…!!!

To keep it clear physical workouts are hurdle – free for your menstrual cycle. In order to elaborate over the topic and to give a clear picture on how all this works is studied in our article today.

Time to maintain a proper format

Maintaining a proper workout pattern is all the right choice. It is advisable to carry on with the workouts under the guidance of instructors to avoid any sort of injuries or sudden fall of energy levels.

In order to avoid the infirmities that may take place, and at the same to move on with the workouts without having to hamper daily schedules for physical fitness, let’s look into few exercises that helps you in maintaining the stamina at the time of periods.

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Can We Exercise During Periods To Reduce Pain ?

  1. Jogging:

Do you feel like going for a jog…!!! Then go on. The hormones (Endorphin’s) that are released during the vagarious cardio exercise are said to help fight the period crams and pains plus makes you feel better physically and mentally. Studies say that dehydration is observed much during menses, so keep yourself  hydrated before and while the workout.

  1. Walking:

Medical experts have proved that walking benefits and also help in moving on with no physical injuries or loss of energy, in comparison to hectic workouts.

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  1. Rock yourself-Dancing:

Here dancing does not only mean to have fun on the dance floor, but to burn out some calories. This is going to be a right choice as this helps generates a kind of happiness and along with calorie burning.

  1. Yoga:

Overturns are not advisable at time of periods; on the same hand no evidences medically are available on the same.

Exercise During Periods

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  1. Home workouts

Keep yourself comfortable by physical workout at home. Roll on to some music and exercise at your comfort till the body is not stressed up during this time of Month. The point is to keep you off from getting lazy by lying down on the couch.

Ultimately the conclusion point of this article is to exhibit, “There is no need feel or give an excuse to your body a break from the fitness routine – On the same hand do what your body actually says at this time..!!!”

Note – Study performed by the experts say that the PMS symptoms are most common in the women who are obese, and also in the women who exercise at minimal range.

8 things your gynecologist wants you to know

Women out there, are you undergoing any medical issues relating to menses cycle, uterus infection or something else…???

 In that case, are you regularly going for a consultation to see the gynecologist…???

If YES then you are on the right track. If NO, make sure to consult the gynecologist every year (at the age 25 and mainly after marriage / even after puberty) which is extremely necessary for a teenage girl and a women’s life. Women should realize that gynecologist Is the one who sources the most essential information to all women health issues such as contraception, sexual studies, periods related issues and infection relating to reproductive organs. Over a period of time as a woman at any point of life you might come up with queries relating to infertility, menopause along with prenatal care.

Now after reading this you might have a doubt on what things you need to be prepared with, or what the doctor wants you to know before going for the consultation to gynecologist, RIGHT…??

Today in this article we shall look into “8 things your gynecologist wants you to know” and what you need to be prepared with before visiting the doctor.

  1. Your PMS symptoms (if normal or abnormal)

When it comes to menstruation / Periods, firstly the gynecologist will help you know that the PMS Symptoms as they are observed in one of three women. Doctors’ warning – ‘Do not go crazy or horrified’ after reading this…!

Following are the points given by the gynecologist for your understanding:

  • PMS is said to be a medical situation that relates to hormones that are fluctuated prior to menstruation.
  • Symptoms factorized under this under PMS are mood swings, bloated stomach, body head and backaches, all together an unpleasant body health condition that might be acute.
  • But few fortunate women undergo light feeling of anxiety or discomfort in a normal level.

How to overcome

Gynecologist would suggest you to focus on the following points in order to overcome PMS symptoms and their severity.

  • You are suggested to focus on stress relief exercises, followed with eating foods that help fight PMS.
  • For more information on what to eat and the exercises to be followed to get relief from PMS can be viewed in the link (All about PMS)

Doctors’ suggestion

  • If the conditions mentioned above, exceed their normal limit of tolerance the gynecologist would suggest you to see few tests immediately to avoid complications.
  1. If Periods or menstrual cramps are a hell

Professional doctors will have a proper and through knowledge of heavy bleeding and horrifying cramps.

How To Control

  • In order to suppress the intimate cramps and bleeding, the gynecologist would put you onto some birth control methods or at times put you through tests to make sure things are not complicated if it is not beyond PMS.
  1. Keep a Note on Periods dates

It is always important to have a track on the discharge on the time of “periods start date and the end date”.


It is important to keep a not on the dates to make sure if you are going to “regular or irregular menstrual cycle” to avoid complication in future.

Points of note By  gynecologist

Have you got some abnormal discharge…? Then you need to know if it is normal or abnormal..!!!

  • Does this discharge cause any itching or releases bad odor, then it is a point of concern (you need to undergo medical tests). For this monthly track of periods needs to be noted.
  • If the discharge is unusual it might be a yeast infection that can lead to bacterial growth or even STD (infection can smell fishy along with burning or itching sensation).
  • You will be asked to inform of any changes observed in the body 2 – 3 weeks prior to discharge, or change in sex partner, if you have undergone protected sex or not?, along with other questions like if you are on any medication of antibiotics that can lead to yeast infection.

All these will help the doctor diagnose in a better manner and treat accordingly.

  1. Any family related heath issues

Now a day it is most commonly seen in women on the breast cancer or ovarian cancer, and few more and this is something that has to be brought to the note of the gyno.

Points by gynecologist

  • Gyno would ask you about the history of the same kind or something related if present in any of your family members or relations.
  • This is because certain diseases can be genetic, this makes the diagnosis easy and helps test if there are any blood clots history which can determine birth control methods that can be apt for you.

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  1. So the gyno – for right birth control option

Gyno will have knowledge that not all the birth control methods are apt for all the women.

Points by gynecologist

  • If you are looking out for contraception’s, it is important to inform the gyno on the history of any health issues before suggesting the medication.
  • Doctor would also ask for if the periods are regular or irregular, and the actual reason for you to opt for birth control pills.


  • If you are suggested to take pills, it is important to take them regularly to avoid complications in future.
  1. Gyno wants to see you once in an year – even if pap smear is not needed

As a routine check-up PAP TEST is a must that is suggested by the gynecologist.

Points by gynecologist

  • As a routine check and crucial part gyno would suggest for Pap test, this will help guide and detect cervical cell changes which can lead to precancerous or cancer causes. For this doctor would suggest speculum into vagina.

Point of note

  • Women aged 21 – 29 years are suggest going for Pap test once in a year
  • Women aged between 30 – 65 years are suggesting undergoing Pap test and HPV test every 5 years.
  • In case of abdominal cancer this test needs to be processed for every 3 years.
  1. Specifically gaining knowledge on the cut off for pregnancy

All of you must have heard of the biological clock (time favorable for reproduction – having babies). In this regards let’s look into facts what the doctor has to say about this.

Gyno points

  • It is studied that a woman’s fertility makes a beginning to decline at the age of 30 or around the same.
  • But to the utmost unhealthy egg or miscarriage risk tends to show up somewhere in the age of 35 years, but the rate increase vigorously from the age of 30 years.

Note –

  • It is not said to be impossible to conserve in natural method after the age of 30 or 40 years. As conditioned applied, things may get bit complicated.
  1. Make it a judgement free – zone

Make it a point and place to express all your health issues. Do not get scared to put forth your doubts and questions to talk or tell about something that is personal to gyno. In order to avoid future health complications it is always right to keep in touch with the gynecologist and undergo test at regular intervals of time.

We wish all the facts mentioned above, will help you lead a healthy life. And remember you do not have to face all this alone..!!All your suggestion and comments are accepted at all times.

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Exercise During Periods


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