5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses for Weight loss

Fat Burning Yoga Poses for Weight loss

5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses For Weight Loss For Working Professionals

In the modern era of hectic lifestyle and work pressures, body fitness plan has tampered and does not allow us to lead a healthy life. Especially for the ones who go to work by starting their day somewhere at 5.30 Am and end up coming from work late in the evenings (somewhere b/w 6.30 PM). After reaching home, they look out for some time to spend for themselves and their family, and this is how the day is gone. In between all of this, craving for junk foods along with the stress bearing environment gives an unhealthy body as an output. For most of the fat to get deposited at the Tummy and thighs are the worst places and dangerous areas for fat accumulation; at the same time body tends to get easily prone to diseases and suffer from illness. In order to maintain proper standards of life, in terms of health and fitness, a balanced diet with regular exercise is a must.

Here when it comes to excessing, it depends on the individual to choose their own exercise patterns like going for the Yoga, gym, self-workouts like walking / jogging, swimming and much more. Out of all these, the individual needs to find a workout (exercise pattern) that best suits his / her mindset and body.

Why are we saying mindset…..???

We say mindset..!! Because, it normally depends on the individuals to choose what best exercise suits them i.e., they need to choose the form of exercise that gives them relaxations, pulls out all the stress mentally and physically. Exercise just does not mean to keep your body fit, but also to maintain a healthy mind / fresh mind to start the day in an energetic manner or if individuals exercising in evening it is for them to end the day in a peaceful way and after all pull out all the stress of the day, especially for the working Professionals.

Today in this article we are talking about “ Fat – burning Yoga postures for working Professionals”. Taking yoga as the main basis as it gives relaxation and burns fat at the same time. One of the ancient greatest ways to lose weight which can give good results when practiced regularly if followed in the right format is Yoga. Yoga is considered to be ‘Natural and Fast weight loss method’ of all time.

Here, we shall look into various “Fat – burning yoga posture” that are mainly feasible for working professionals.

Everything You Would Like To Know On The Fat Burning Yoga Poses For Weight Loss For Beginners

Pre – requites

  • Comfortable clothing is required to practice yoga
  • An appropriate spacious and calm place is required to perform asanas

Time to kick – start the weight loss journey through Yoga

The desperate want of time for ones’ own self can be felt while practicing yoga, and this statement is very much valid for working moms. As a boon “weight loss tip for working moms” helps them get relief from mental and physical stress yoga comes into the picture.

Mainly targeting on “weight loss tips for working women”, today we shall look into the yoga asanas for stress relief, fat burning and ultimately for the relaxation of the complete body.

*Keep in mind that Suryamaskara postures are the top most amongst all the postures that are mentioned below. Individuals performing Suryanamaskara experience the benefit of toning along with stretching of complete body.*

Posture 1 – Balasana (Childs posture)

How to perform

  • Kneel down on the mat, where the big toes of feet touch the mat and knees are placed above the hip – width apart. Now sit on your heal.
  • As a next step, lie on the torso in b/w thighs and then push your head forward your forehead so that it touches the mat.
  • Now stretch your hands in front of you and then place the palm on the floor.
  • While performing this asana keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply
  • Try sustaining in this posture for a minute.


  • Helps in releasing lower back tiredness as it is a go–to rest posture
  • Help in stretching back, hips and quads

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Posture 2 – Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog)

This posture is very much apt for working Professionals and is a “quick way to lose weight ”

How to perform

  • On the yoga mat stand straight with your feet wide apart along with hands rising up to the shoulder level followed by a rise the hands above the head level.
  • Bend yourself forward onto the floor, in such a way that the palms touch the floor
  • Now, press the floor firmly with your hands, next lift your knees off from the floor and the straight them. In the case of any thigh hamstrings, then a gentle bend of knees will be fine.
  • Perform a slight walk of your hand in forward direction slowly and step by step. Parallel to this, draw your feet backward step by step.
  • Now squeeze up your thighs as they are pressed to the back wall.
  • Time to press your head up and down on the floor, even though it is understood that they cannot touch the mat.
  • As a last step relax your neck and head along with the shoulder blades slightly bent down on the feet. Follow this asana by breathing in deeply and try sustaining in this posture for a minute.


  • As a “weight loss tip for working moms” Adho Mukha Svanasana benefits in top notch strengthening of upper body
  • On the other hand inversion, pose hips go higher than a heart which increases circulation of blood.
  • Supports entire body stretching (stretches the spine, hamstrings, calves muscles) along with strengthening triceps and deltoids.

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Posture 3 – Virabhadrasana (Warrior II)

How to perform

  • In the standing position place your legs 4 feet apart from each other.
  • Now place your right foot in such a way that the toes face the front of mat, and next, the left foot is to be turned to an angle of 50 degrees
  • In this position raise your arms up to the shoulder level height, so that they are parallel to the floor and palms facing downward. Later bend your knee so that the right chin and thighs form an angle of 90 degrees
  • By squeezing the abdomen in, slowly tuck the tailbone down. In this position regulate the breathing pattern by deep inhalation and exhalation strictly through nostrils.
  • Repeat this same process on the other side (here straighten the right leg)  


  • Helps in toning up the arms, legs and firms the core areas
  • Stretches are felt at inner thighs, hips, and chest
  • And strengthens the abdomen, quadriceps, and shoulders

This is an “exercise and yoga posture for working professional” who sit for hours together in front of the computer

5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses for Weight loss

Posture 4 – Bhujangasana (cobra posture)

“Fat burning posture for working women” to tone up the buttocks and thigh areas

How to perform

  • Lie on the yoga mat in such a way that the tummy and face are towards the floor, then make sure that the toes of the feet are flat on the ground
  • As a next step press the legs and hips to the floor and place your hands under the shoulder so that the palms are flat to the floor with fingers wide opened
  • By applying complete pressure on the hands, lift your head along with upper back chest away from the mat.
  • Eyes should concentrate at a point straight in front and later stretch up neck in a way that eyes face the ceiling, similarly, the shoulder blades are to be moved in up and down postures
  • As a last step push back your shoulder where you can fell a stretch equally all along the spine.
  • The complete posture is to be performed by deep inhalation and in the final posture of relaxation exhale the breath.

Posture 5 – Utkatasana (Chair posture)

How to perform

  • Stand straight on your yoga mat by stepping the feet in such a way that they are hip – width apart. Now spread your feet so that a stable base is created.
  • In this step see to that the arms are stretched towards the sky and then place the palms facing one another.
  • Later bend your knees and set your buttock in such a way that you are sitting in a chair.
  • Squeeze your tummy in to remove all the cuts in the lower back. In this posture try pulling all the weight into heels, make sure that your knees don’t extend over the toes.
  • Try sustaining in this posture for a minute, while regulating your breath with a deep inhalation and exhalation.


  • The natural and easy yoga weight loss tip help to strengthen quadriceps
  • Strengthens knees, ankles, and spine

All the “Fat burning yoga asanas are mainly meant for working professionals” who spend hours of time in from of the computer systems. “Yoga Asanas for working Moms” are also mentioned above, which give a perfect relaxation along with toning up the body completely.

In order to balance the above mentioned “fat burning yoga postures”, a balanced diet is to be maintained at the same time. And having plenty of water throughout the day is the best way to wash out all the toxins present in the body.

These natural and fast weight loss yoga postures help in burning out all the fat. And hope these “postures are feasible for the working individuals” for the overall body toning.

Have a query on POWER YOGA….!!!!

Do you know what power yoga means…..??

The form of yoga that necessitates more use of muscles when getting into yoga postures is known as Power Yoga. When it comes to working professional, especially “working moms power yoga tips” will help not only relieve stress but also helps to burn out fats along with giving rise to good metabolic rate. Bear in mind that yoga and power yoga have slight various, where power yoga helps in achieving a complete body figure and sculpting to attain a beautiful outlook.

So, as a conclusion Fat Burning Yoga Poses for Weight loss for beginners ( Fast and natural way to lose weight through Yoga ) are mentioned above. Exercise for working professionals is also included in the same along with benefiting working moms5 Fat Burning Yoga Poses for Weight loss


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