Summer Food For Kids | Plan A Healthy Summer Diet For Your Child

Summer Food For Kids

Plan A healthy Summer Food For Kids

Are you looking for the best summer food for kids , but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we are here to provide you the detailed information on summer foods for children

Summer on the tracks, hot days and nights experienced each and every single day during this time of the year. Kids are at home, off from school after hectic examinations schedule..!!

All the parents of little toddlers to quite grownups are now worried and look up to the complete nutritional diet, health techniques, that help them keep away their kiddos’ from sunstrokes, dehydration, and many other health issues.

At the same time, summer means holidays for kids, as they happily wish to stay at home attend parties, play all day long, for which there is a great change from their routine school schedules.

Today here are few tips for the parents who are the lovely caregivers to keep this kid happy with new ‘ summer food for kids to eat ‘ helps you to get away with this summer easily.

Here is a question, can children have healthy foods, and enjoy what they are having….???

Summer food for kids

NOTE   – Parents are supposed to be a role model “healthy and nutrition diet is to be exposed to the child, in other terms the healthier and attractive version of their favour food is to be served. If kids see their parents eating a particular food item, toddlers enjoy and ending up to eating the same.”

Parents should understand that every food has got some or the other level of nutrition’s present in them, in that way if the child is fed with all varieties of fruits and vegetables since the childhood, it makes life of the parents easier as they child grows“Foods given to the child in the early years can reflect/influence their dietary habits in later years of life”.

Today we are mainly talking about the summer food for kids , let’s look into the foods that can help the kid to sustain themselves in a healthy manner this summer…!!

Routine planner

Many schools are closed during summer season (summer vacation). So, moms have to make sure that their kids have their right meal at the right time, as the day pattern may change slightly when kids are at home.

Kids who rise early in the morning

  • Breakfast – 8 Am to 9 Am
  • Lunch – 1 Pm to 2 Pm
  • Dinner – 8Pm to 9 Pm

Follow the formula of “Early to bed, early to rise”. This helps to indulge discipline in kids. It’s all in the hands of parents to create a routine and to put them into practice.

Here We Go With Basic Indian Summer food for kids Which You Can Add To Their Diet

Its Yupiiiiiiiiiiiii time for Kids & parents….!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parents it’s time to prove your State-of-the-art with dairy products

Basic dairy product, MILK…!!!

The most necessary basis for rich calcium, which is to be widely included in the child’s diet is Milk. But just a glass of milk for him/ her will not do the entire good job.

How to take

  • Milk in the form of milkshakes / when milk is added to fresh fruit juices / sweets –are the ones required to be consumed in little amount once in a day.

How does it help?

  • Milk is rich in calcium, fruit juices soothe the stomach and many more advantages are carried over

Load the refrigerator with summer fruits

It is always advisable by the nutritionist to load up the fridge with summer fruits. Fruits are said to be rich in vitamins and minerals.

How to take

  • Summer foods – Consumption of fruits like water rich fruit – watermelon, mango, lychee, berries, oranges and much more
  • These fruits can be taken in the form of fruit juices, fruit salad (mixed fruits)

Serve meals that digest easily

Make sure that the kids are served with light and oil free meals, this is because kids tend to urge for a pack of chips, chocolates, and snacks before the meal. Summer is a time where kids spend all the time playing in the hot sun, at the same time if heavy meals are served before or after heavy physical exercise, and leads to exhausts the body of the toddler and causes nausea.

What to eat

  • Light meals mean, to serve Rice, Dal (Lentils), Salads (Carrot and Cucumber), yogurt etc.,
  • A balanced and healthy diet is observed in the meal mentioned above. And it also helps in the long term, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Relay on fresh Foods

Summer is the time when the food gets stale very soon. In case if the kids are still going to school, or attending vacation classes elsewhere then it is better to avoid sliced fruits or Vegetables in the tiffin box.

Disadvantage in cut fruits

  • If cut fruits and vegetables are served in the box for kids, this is said to develop bacteria in cut products which can lead to gastric problems.
  • Parents should avoid giving drinks that are bought from stalls; this is because we have no idea where the water comes from.

Mom needs to get innovative

Many surveys have shown that kids would love to have or show more interest in foods that are well presented. So, it is the turn of the mother to present the food in such a manner that it attracts the attention of the kid.

Handful Assorted nuts

Nuts are said to have lots of beneficial facts stored in them.

  • Almonds (Rich in calcium) – Help fight diseases, contains fewer calories. This nut is rich in Vitamin E, and the antioxidants present in this help fight diseases
  • Walnuts – Good for heart, contain Omega 3. Walnut is said to act as an anti – inflammatory who helps oxidation, especially for the heart.
  • Cashew nuts– Good for bone strength. Magnesium is required for bones strength, at the same time if the right amount of magnesium is not consumed it may lead to high BP (Blood Pressure) and headache related to a migraine.
  • Pistachios– This nut is said to be rich in Vitamin E & B6 and is good for eyesight.

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Other summer diet care

The summer is here to robe all the energy levels present in individuals, especially when it comes to kids. This is because kids tend to spend most of their time playing in the hot sun; as a result, energy loss takes place. So, mothers have to take care of their little toddlers by serving them a right meal at a right time and also maintain a balanced diet with the ‘ Summer food for kids ’ mentioned above.

Make it a habit of taking less carb rich foods– fewer carbohydrate foods and more amounts of fibre rich foods have to be consumed during the summer, as this improves the body metabolic rate and this type of food is also soothing along with being light during heavy sun heat.

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Make it a point to serve fruits and fruit punches all the time – seasonal fruits such as mangoes are very important, along with many other summer fruits like muskmelon, watermelon etc. Especially mangoes are said to be rich in anti-oxidants, at the same time high amount of nutrients is present in fruits along with many health benefits.

Here is a systematic and tested dietary chart for summer food for kids as below

Time of meal Type of food Remarks on the meal
First, Meal – Breakfast (7 Am – 8 Am) Serve with banana and cold milk with cornflakes Helps in easy digestion and good protein meal
Once after reaching school / summer camp A full bottle of water with Glucose – C The child is to be given a small sipper with 2 spoons of Glucose as it gives instant energy and keeps the body hydrated all time
Midday snack Veg poha / fruits unsliced / raw carrot / cucumber salad Soothes the stomach with and keeps healthy
After school drink, once the kid reaches home Glass of freshly made Lassi / salted lemonade juice, mango juice Replenished the lost electrolytes in the hot sun in the form of sweat.
Lunchtime Little rice with dal and thoroughly cooked vegetable curry / pulkas with raita and some salad Light meal helps in easy digestion. Heavy fat foods have to avoid during summers as they increase heat levels in the body
Evening snack hour Freshly homemade juice / milkshakes / veg – sandwich Easily digested food as it contains wholemeal
Dinner time Freshly prepared rice and veg curry or in combination of dal along with vegetable salad , All this is to ease the digestion
After dinner After dinner serve the kid with rice pudding / yogurt punch / fruit salad Final desert chills the tummy and are very much relished by children

Note –

  • Every meal is to be prepared freshly, because during summer food tends to get stale very soon
  • Fruits are not be sliced and kept in the box for kids going to school / summer camps, as they may develop bacteria
  • Avoid drinks brought from outside, as we do not know with what water they are made up of.
  • Cut down on heavy carbs, as they many not help in quick digestion instead go for fibre rich foods, consider this as healthy summer food for kids ideas.
  • Mostly serve kids with fresh fruit juices and cleanly washed carrot and cucumber salad


As a point of conclusion and last words relating to this article, let’s look into few Summer Eating Tips for Kids

  • Maintain a plan / schedule for snacks and meals, if meals are served at right time this helps maintain the times of hunger and stops from middle snacking b/w main meals.
  • Keep the kitchen turned off during the day, and open only during the main times of the meal or any pre-set snacks timing.
  • We all know that the day are long during summers, but make it a point to set a fixed time on closing off the kitchen at Night.

We hope the article on ‘ summer food for kids ’ will help all the parents to serve their toddlers with healthy summer food and end up this summer in a healthy manner…!!!

Hot summer made a healthy summer for you….!!

summer food for kids


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