3 Proven Tips For Skinny Girls To Gain Healthy Weight

Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Healthy Weight

Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Healthy Weight!


A major factor of concern for a human being is to gain or to loose…isn’t it??

BMI- Body Mass Index plays a major role in a human life to keep oneself healthy all the time and to increase the lifespan.

Are you a Skinny Girl….? Looking out for a fit and healthy lifestyle…..?

Now, It’s time to say Goodbye to the Skinny body and to get ready and welcome a lovely body. We can say you are lucky to find this website, you are in the right place… :) 

We are here to help, all the Girls and women out there…!!!

Let us quickly see few steps, how we can gain weight in a healthy manner in: ( tips for skinny girls to gain healthy weight)

One Weeks Time weight Gain’


Gaining weight in one week is a big target to be achieved.

Step 1Diet

Pamper Yourself With Nutritional Diet To Gain Weight in one week:

Eat food with high trans fat, as nutritional diet is very required during weight gain for Skinny  women.

Foods to have: Nuts, seeds, Peanut butter, Low-fat dairy products, beans, eggs, starchy Vegetables and whole grains. Which means even when you are planning to put on weight, you are not allowed to have what every you wish to.

Foods not to have: Cheese, cakes, Burgers, Fried food, candies, Sundaes etc.,

Beverages to take: Drink fresh home-made fresh juices. Drinks lots of water to be hydrated.

Beverages not to take:  Avoid colas, Sweetened teas and coffees, Flavoured drinks made outside etc., these may be high in calories, but not healthy for the body as it gives unnecessary fat.

We need to build the ‘Muscle’  and not get fat…RIGHT..??

Double your food intake:

It sounds easy, but it is going to be a tough time. Before starting this program, you must have had 3 meals a day. But, now it’s time to double your meal i.e., eat 6 times a day in equal portions. Try forcing in extra food for few weeks.

HAHAHA….Looks easy, but difficult to practice…. 😛 

Each extra calories of 500 taken per day will increase weight by 1 pound to gain weight in one week.

 One week weight gain – Calculate you calories required

Calories intake would differ from person to person, due to Human body tendency. Individuals need to know about their body first, and next go ahead to increase calories intake by 500 each day. Fix proper time and eat as per schedule to increase compositions of food each time. This will help gain weight in a week in terms of diet.

Step 2Workouts/ Exercise

           Do Not Stop Exercise:

Do you think exercise is just for weight Loss?

Answer is NO..!!

As we take in more calories each day, we need to burn them at the same time. We need to build up ‘Muscle’ as said earlier, so exercise accordingly.

Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Healthy Weight

Weight Gain Exercises: Dips, Squats, Twist Curls, deadlifts etc., Lift heavy weights in a single go. Rest for 3 minutes b/w each set of exercise.

Shun From Running:

Running sheds off from the extra calories that were gained

Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Healthy Weight

with great hard work in putting in calories.

Get Trained to gain weight to put up muscles

You must be accumulating the gain calories, in terms of fat so convert them into the lean mass of the body. This leads to stimulation of appetite. Exercise to increase metabolism of the body.

Want to be amongst the beauty queens with the great outfits on a party night…?

Finally few steps….

  • Get enough Sleep
  • Be wise while you choose your dinner
  • Keep a track of your weight, and be positive even if it is positive r negative. Stay calm and composed.
  • Monitor on Carbohydrate food intake, as it needs to be in right proportions.
  • If you are worried about fatty food, then take in Herbal foods instead of chemically preserved ones.
  • Take in Dairy products rich in fat

Gaining weight in one month !!!

Are you in a target of gaining weight in one month..??

So far we have seen how to gain weight in one weeks time.Now, when it comes to gaining weight in one month, it is going to be the same procedure. It may sound difficult when we say same procedure for one week weigh gain process or one-month weight gain process is same RIGHT?

Gaining weight in one month is not going to that strenuous as one week gain programme. You can take your time in setting up a schedule with the ideas and advice given above.

In short:


  • Take Almond Milk, Bananas, Potato’s, Figs, Butter made products, Raisins, Hight in fat Yogurt
  • With Regular and basic muscle building exercise
  • De-stress yourself
  • Mainly keep yourself Hydrated all the time


  • Do not Smoke
  • No fluids before any meal
  • Do not skip meals
  • Do not take in processed food items, in other words, stored food.
  • Do not take fruits with an empty stomach.
  • Intake of proper food at regular intervals of time with high calories.

One month weight gain or one-week weight gain program food plays a major role, along with regular exercise.

Any more concerns on what to do and what not to do..?

We shall answer all your queries now, or in the future topics. Stay tuned with our website www.yoga4uhealth.com !!!

We are here to help you gain weight in a healthy manner in no time.

Just give yourself a time period of one week to one month for weigh gain, and you will see a great result, which is scientifically proven by many professional nutritionists and doctors in this field.

Late but not the least to end of our conversations…..

We suggest….NEVER LOOSE HOPE My Dear Friends…..!!!!

Stay Calm and composed…..!!!

Get Set Gooo…..Eating time a healthy time….!!!

Get back to you if you have got any suggestions or concerns, we shall always be at your rescue. 

Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Healthy Weight


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